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I am in vacation in florida and decided to go the aeropostale outlets store located in ellenton. The first impression I had was not the one I was used to any other store in the us, polite staff, good morning, how are you today, etc..., maybe because I was speaking my own language (Portuguese) no staff welcomed us. I picked up some tee shirts, boxers and sweats (About 150 dollars). I decided to pick up a short when suddenly I heard a loudy voice many times saying, "you are gonna a break it", I did not realized that it could be for me as I eas simply picking up a short from the upper section, a bit high for my tall (By the way I am 170cm and 42 years old). The manager came to me (Taller than me) and says with no manners at all, "I grabi it for you if not you will break something, the discusson started from the way he talked to me, I said to him. That it was impossible to break steel and I say to him thta I was 42 and there are manners to speak with customers, I was about to move back when, again the manager who was in service and did not want to give his name (He had a pin with the info a87') said to me"to the other way", how rude he was, everybody at the shop heard and were shocked with his atitude because he was the only one who was speaking, said to me to leave immedialty the premises, I was shocked, and security officers were just behind me to pull me out of the store, I asked his name and said to me that he was not obliged to give his name to"foreigners" once again I was shocked. As I did not want to spoil my holidays I decided to move back. One thing is sure, I will never buy goods from aeropostale as I will not recommend at all to visit the store, foreigners are not welcome, very bad image for the country. Even my bestfriend, american citizen and working on sales and customer services, said that she never had any experience in her life, never. She even asked ihnhe was on drugs. This manager does not have the profile at all to be a manager, no manners, no way to dress, shorts, tee shirts nd flip flops,. You dont see this in europe. I wll certainly go forward with this complain untill I reach the right person and have a formal apologies. Never seen in my intire life, and I see that I am not the first person to complain about a manager and the store.

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      30th of Jan, 2013

    He didn't care for you because you are 42 yrs old.. My cousin is a manager in one of the stores in Texas and he told me they don't cater to OLD people.. NO ONE CARES about you at any Aeropostal store if you are past the age of 18... and overweight. I hope you succed, cause they deserve to be called out for this, ...

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