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I am here writing to you on our Aeroplan miles.
We have accumulated Aeroplan miles for last 11 years. It was taken from us on the first round in 2009. Later again last year. We called Aeroplan and Esso and now very frustrated with Aeroplan. I tried to speak to someone and she hung-up the phone on me. Her name was Rajni. My husband also tried a multiple time without any luck.
Below is when it was taken away. Below is also the transaction we did in ESSO to keep our account active as per your instruction.
We have accumulated these points to go on our honeymoon. Due to various roadblocks in life we could never make that happen. It was also difficult to call you as the hold periods are very frustrating and calls resulted a hung up from the associate or a transfer to someone for another long wait .

  • Updated by Sabreena, Mar 03, 2018

    I just called and again a waiting for 45 minutes

Mar 03, 2018

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