Aeroplan / unanswered claim-120 days

We booked through aeroplan points for a Disney vacation which we've been planning for 3 years. We stayed at an "off site" resort, booked through points, that offered a "family room" which was described as 2 connecting rooms with 2 queen beds in each room. When we arrived at our resort they advised us that we had only booked a regular room and paid under the regular amount, so they would not provide us with our family room and we shared a tiny room with 2 double beds, no couch, no chair, no tables. I couldn't get a hold of anyone from air Canada vacation for the entire first day of our stay and I was on hold for 4 hours. I wasted a whole day away from my children, spending the day on the phone waiting for someone to help me figure out this mess.

The hotel refused to upgrade us without an extra charge of $1500. The first representative I spoke with advised me not to pay the upgrade and we would ensure the room would be changed. The second day, the hotel had not received confirmation of the upgraded reservation for the family room, again we were unable to reach a rep until 9 pm.

The third day we were advised that the third party booking had contacted the hotel and the room descriptions were not matching, therefore they were unable to offer us a family room.

The fourth day we were told that yes, we had booked a family room but there were none available.

So 4 days spent in a tiny room with 2 kids that expected this to be the best vacation ever, our first family vacation in 3 years. The hotel did not compensate us in any way, or admit to any wrong doing. Air Canada vacations, while impossible to get a hold of, assured us that they would resolve this situation. Yet nothing was fixed until the 5th day of our vacation.

Now 5 days into our vacation we received what we paid for. I'm incredibly disappointed in this vacation, this airline, aeroplan, and the entire customer service team. The ladies I dealt with were very nice, but nothing was done in a timely manner. And while the vacation is only 7 days, time is of the essence when you're helping a family achieve their ideal vacation.

We spent over 350, 000 aeroplan points on this vacation and over $3000. It's so disappointing when you don't receive what you've paid for. I've been told "just contact claims upon your return", but that doesn't make your vacation any better. The hotel room descriptions and the air Canada vacation descriptions need to be consistent in order to avoid this error in the future.

I have now been waiting over 120 days since placing my claim with Air Canada Aeroplan and nothing has been rectified. My suggestion is to cancel you Aeroplan and get a Capital One MasterCard that you can use for any travel, none of this hassle and inadequacy.

Mar 02, 2016

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