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Aeroplan / aeroplan program rules

1 Calgary, Alberta, Canada Review updated:

For anyone having problems dealing with Aeroplan frequent flyer /loyalty program, I strongly suggest filing legal action against Aeroplan. Do not, I repeat, do not attempt to contact them to negotiate a resolution. The only way to reach a remedy with Aeroplan is through the courts. Neither the "customer service" agents nor supervisors have authority to resolve problems. Currently there are many law suits against Aeroplan including a huge class action suit against Aeroplan for "Expired Points" (CTV News, 21 January 2011) and I strongly suggest investigating these actions.

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  • Mi
      21st of Apr, 2011
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    How many Small Claims Court actions in Calgary and Alberta have been launched - and how many has Aeroplan settled out of court to avoid publicity and punitive or exemplary damages for stealing earned Air Miles by unilaterally declaring them to be expired or void? How mauy people signed or agreed to Aeroplans changes? Aeroplam can coveniently be sued in any provincial small claims court. You can sue in federal court if points relate to Ai Canada, and particularly if they were earned before 2007, but easiest to sue in Alberta, for the value of the points. The value is already recognized in family law cases. You do not need to join the Quebec Class Action if you'd care to have Alberta Provincial Court Judge listen to Aeroplan's explanations for why they steal people's rewards. You may add Air Canada (check their corporate name) as a defendant and to consider whether a claim for punitive or exemplary damages are appropriate.

    Alberta government will send you to federal departments and feds will send you back to provincial. Simplest speediest relief is available in small claims court, now that they have juridisction up to $25, 000 and that they will award punitive damages!

  • Mi
      21st of Apr, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Aeroplan is committing an authorized theft of Air Canada's old customers. Aeroplam can not unilaterally change conditions by notice (they give no legal consideration for the change - they onluy purport to take something from the frequent flyer). They purport to change conditions or terms by posting them on their website, but when you complain, they will NOT accept Electronic communication - you have to send your communication in writing by snail mail to Aeroplan Centre in Vancouver BC. If electronic communication is not good enough for AEROPLAN, it is not good enough notice to try try change terms and otherwise RIPOFF the consumer. Aeroplan, Air Canada and Esso and other "partners in crime" can be joined in a small claims court action in any province. Sue for the value of points as you see it and for punitive damages for the egreious unilateral missaprropriation of your property. Despite Aeroplan's position, Aeroplan points have a value that is recognized by the courts in Family Law Actions and other cases. At least 4 actions are being prepared in Alberta small claims court for the $7500 or $25000 limit.

    The principle argued by Aeroplan has ALREADY BEEN REJECTED in the US Ninth cCircuit Court on July 1, 2007wherein the court held that "parties to a contract have no obligation to check the terms on a periodic basisto learn whether they have been changed by the other side". In Canada, any change purported to hve been made by Aeroplan is without notice, consideration or assent. Aeroplan is about to be spanked by the civil courts and complaints are to be laid before Crown Prosecutors for fraud and for unfair business practice.

  • Tt
      6th of May, 2011
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    Recently found out Aeroplan had removed points from both my parents' account (46K each) due to inactivity. The only option offered to us is to pay approximately CAD500 each (CAD0.01 per point + tax, I assumed) to get those points reinstated. Which set the minimum value of these points to a combination of approximately CAD1000. In a separate situation, I found out that current fair value of 200 Aeroplan points is CAD25. Which set the upper value of the points to CAD11500. During a subsequent enquiry, Aeroplan's superviser suggested that they had alert us through e-mail (by the way, my parents can neither speak nor read english); hence, they are entitled to rip thousand of dollars worth of points from them.

    Based on the above response from Aeroplan, I have to assume that only people of english or french literate were their potential customer and deserve their attention (Can these be considered practice of prejudice against minority?). More importantly, is this mentality shared and approved by Aeroplan's sponsors (i.e. Air Canada, Esso, Costco, etc)?

    I am planning to file a legal action against Aeroplan. If you have any material (i.e. sample claims, class action details, etc.) that can help support my complain, please post it here to share. Thank you in advance.

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