Aeromexico / request a refund of $963.60

San Francisco, CA, United States
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We're planned to have 17 days of vacation in Nicaragua, so last year on September 3, 2016 I bought on line 4 roundtrip of Aeromexico airfare(Reservation Code URNVPY) to travel on 04/07/17 from San Francisco(SFO) to Managua(MGA)/Managua(MGA) to San Francisco(SFO);we've been traveling many times and never had any problem and this will be the second time using Aeromexico.
On 04/07/17, the nightmare, horrible experience begun when we check in with the booth attendant at 9:30 pm and she told us that we are late to take the plane, so we told her that we received an e-mail from Aeromexico about our flight AM 665 was reassignment and have enough time to pass the check point and to board but she didn't believe us and unfortunately my phone died and I couldn't show her the e-mail so she refused to check or call her supervisor and told us to call the airline to reschedule a new air trip and she closed her booth at 10:00 pm and took off. We're disappointed with this kind of customer service rendered by this woman and we came back home to call the airline to cancel the trip and get the refund but it was to expensive and too late to buy a new airfare from an other airline company so I decided to reschedule the new trip to 04/10/17 and I was forced to pay an extra $963.60 ...We lost 3 days of vacation, car reservation and relative's wedding party(04/08/17) and we're stressed out, can sleep and long suffering... my wife and my children were crying, all thanks to the bad customer service rendered by this unprofessional woman.
We're traveling with some other relative and he called us by phone from plane to said that he boarded it at 11:35 pm and took it off at 12:25 am;later my relative called me from Mexico DF to say that the flight lost the connection to Managua(MGA) because the plane was full so he had to wait 7 hrs in the airport to take the next flight available.
I attached the Aeromexico's e-mail flight reassignment to this complaint as a proof.
I hope that this airline refund me the over payment of $963.60 that a paid to reschedule the new air trip.


May 11, 2017

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