Aeromexico / fraudulant use of my personal credit card

FL, United States

Today I received a fraud alert from my CapitalOne Visa account. Apparently, while my husband and i were on a recent trip to Mexico one of the merchants stole my identity and made a recent purchase of 3 airline tickets. The airline, AeroMexico will not take responsibility for the used airline tickets and would only cancel the 1 pending reservation. I asked for the names of the passengers who used my credit card and the airport locations, but the representive, Victor, refused by saying he had to protect their rights. What about the victims rights??? When I said that was unacceptable and demanded to speak to his supervisor, he placed me on hold for a few minutes. When he returned, he only said his supervisor only said the same thing. Once again I asked to speak to his supervisor and once again he denied me this right and then asked if there was anything more I wanted??? Luckily, the representative from CapitalOne was on the line and she heard everything. She told Victor to hang up and she would deal with the siutation from their end. After telling Victor 3 times to hang up he finally did so. I don't know if he was trying to listen in on my personal conversation with my account representative, but clearly another violation of my rights! I'm glad the ### didn't get away with more and that I was diligent enough to keep tabs on my personal finances, but I can't help but wonder which one of the 4 sneaky merchants in Cabos had the nerve to do such a thing.
I called my CC company before I left and made it clear I would only be in Mexico 7 days and any charges after that would not be authorized. CapitalOne plans to eliminate this debt from my account, in the meantime they've closed this account and now I will have to pull my cerdit again to make sure no other fraud activity is posted.
It's become a sad sad world of affairs... I hate to think of what my children and grandchilden will be faced with.

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