Aeromexicostress, trouble, and waste of time

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Yesterday, my mother had a Aeromexico 4:40 PM flight from Guadalajara to L.A. I'm sure since the flight less than capacity given that this isn't the busiest time of year, Aeromexico cancelled the flight and put her and everyone else that had that flight onto their next one, which was 5 hours later. This shows the airline puts no value on a customer’s time. All they offered was a meal voucher. They wouldn't even offer to put her on the next flight out to L.A. on Mexicana, Delta, or any other airline. People were outraged, but Aeromexico personnel did not care. When her plane finally arrived in L.A., instead of arriving at the Delta terminal as is the procedure for Aeromexico flight out of/into L.A., they were bused to the international terminal - after they waited almost an hour at the gate for whatever reason and passengers wouldn't even be given a chance to call family members on their cell phones to let them know of the additional delay and of the terminal change. Passengers, especially the ones that had the original 4:40 flight like my mother were incensed at the whole experience. Many people, including my mom, stated that they would write complaints to the airline, but I’m not holding my breath as to any compensation for the stress, trouble, and waste of time caused.

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    compre los boletos para mexico a mis ninas ida y vuelta. yo pague completo incluyendo la custodia de mis ninas para que una aeromosa o safata las llevara y trajera de regreso y también incluye el pago de las maletas. hoy 7.30.18 es el dia de regreso de mis ninas y en el aeropuerto de mexico BENITO JUAREZ les pidieron el pago de la custodia y de las maletas porque según ellos no se había pagado le hicieron peder mucho tiempo y gracias a ellos se perdió el vuelo, tenemos muchas horas horas hablando con aeromexico y dicen que todo esta pagado y que no tenemos que pagar nada y que el problema es en mexico . en mexio dice que aeromexico tiene que resolverlo porque ellos aya en mexico no pueden esos pagos. maldita corrupción cuando se acabara solo piensan el dinero y mas dinero. nesecito ayuda y que se hagan responsable. ahora lo nuevo que tienen y que han inventado ue mmi familia llego tarde, es una gran mentira solo quieren dinero, apenas si pudimos comprar esos boletos para que ellas conisieran a sus abuelos y familiares. que decepcion de servicio por ambos lados, pésimo servicio

  • Updated by gemelos · Aug 16, 2018

    plese let me know, the soon is possible.


  • Ar
    arturo zamora ortiz Apr 27, 2011

    Estoy muy disgustado ya que en mi vuelo #1462 de Guadalajara a Fresno el dia 23 del presente mes me quitaron algunas cosas que segun no eran permitidas pasar como: un queso, chongos, miel de abeja, guayabate y tortillas de harina. Yo pregunte de este lado en USA al llegar en el aeropuerto y me dijeron que eso no me lo deberian de haber quitado que eso estaba permitido, y que me quejara con la Aerolinea para evitar que esto siga pasando esto se hizo con varias personas, que por sierto estaban muy molestas al igual que yo. Espero y la Aerolinea pueda tener un mejor control y manejo en este problema con sus trabajadores. Ya que es injusto y triste que hagan esto con las personas que vamos a visitar y nos vengamos desepcionados de la Aerolinea, espero una respuesta a mi desacuerdo. Atentamente: Arturo Zamora Ortiz.

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  • Oa
    oaxmex Aug 15, 2018

    hoy 07.30.18
    #ZIVOOI vuelo de ciudad de mexico a USA
    en mexico piden que pague la custodia de mis ninas y las maletas cuando yo pague todo eso incluido ida y vuelta. aeromexico acepta que todo esta pagado y en mexico exigen esos pagos. es mucho $$$ y vuelo ya esta perdido gracias a ellos.

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  • Wr
    Wrinkles154 Aug 21, 2018

    On 04/03 i was traveling from Guadalajara to LAX to return home when I got home and started to unpack I noticed that items inside the luggage were disorganized as someone had been through it. Luggage bad did not have a lock and going through luggage noticed that my granddaughters gold earrings, jacket, and my watch were missing.

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  • Ra
    rajasekharp Aug 21, 2018

    My name :Raja Sekhar
    Baggage code:9W287672
    It was happened on 17-MAR-2018.
    Flight Number :AM 415
    PIR copy Number(claim Number):GDLAM24706
    luggage reached to me on 19-MAR-2018.
    CONTACT MAIL ID: [email protected]

    I have resent almost 10 mails for delay claim amount no body is responding.

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  • Ge
    gemelos Aug 28, 2018

    flight # 791, , , , , ticket #1397094208988, , confirmation ## YMDLNF DATE OF FLIGHT 01-13-2018, i need credit for this ticket because you cancel the flight

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  • Gr
    Gretchen Doenges Morrison Sep 01, 2018

    I applied for a refund. I paid for changed seats, I missed the flight for November 18. Our ticket numbers were 006799512-4996 &4997. I sent a email, they gave me a claim number 00175036. I was told by delta it would take 24 to 72 hours

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  • Da
    Daniel Martinez Sep 01, 2018

    lllege abordar el avion y cuando llegue me dijieron que ya no había cientos y no podia abordar y me hicieron comprar otro ticket, el numero del buelo 308 día 18 de diciembre de acapulco a mexico y de mexico a orlando y numero de ticket 1398648039748 Rosa Martinez

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  • Ma
    Manuel alamillo Sep 02, 2018

    It took us 12 hours and 2, 105.00 pesos to get to our destination from Mexico city to zacatecas what can i do to get compensated

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  • Sw
    swknight Sep 10, 2018

    Flight 642, two tickets from Mexico City to LAX, Thursday, October 12, 2017, $69 charge times two for seat upgrade, we paid for it on our AMeX credit card. The flight had to be cancelled because of earthquakes in Oaxaca, and our destination, Oaxaca, cancelled the filmfest. We'd like refund for the seat upgrade because we had to cancel the flight.

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  • Al
    alicis farmer Sep 18, 2018

    On August 19, 2017 flight 2686 I files a damage claim report because my London Fog hard case Babbage was crushed while in transit. I have called and emailed the company numerous times with no response. I have pictures and documentation to prove damages.

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  • Jo
    Joe43 Sep 19, 2018

    Got a ticket on may 24 2017 and was supposed to get my money back and never did hears the conformation num # inrqbf

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  • Re
    Rep2007 Oct 21, 2018

    We had priority boarding and there was an issue with our flight tickets. We were told to wait for the supervisor by the customer service representative, we waited for over an hour for their supervisor and when she arrived she still made us wait. Worse service we have received with this airline, the wait was ridiculous.

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  • Ma
    Manuel Barajas Nov 05, 2018

    My name is Manuel Barajas I had a trip with u guys from puerto Vallarta Mexico City Washington Dulles and my baggage was lost and you guys aren't responding for anything

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  • Ma
    Maris G Nov 19, 2018

    My husband been diagnosed with leukemia he is going to be taken chemo for months so we are not going to be able to flight. Doctors have been telling us that it might take over 6 months if you please give me the refund.
    Thank you.

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  • Ed
    Edith Espinoza Dec 12, 2018

    Do to the California my flight was delayed/ canceled. I had a doctors appointment today the 16th @ 7:30pm, but now it is pointless for me to go just for two days. I am hoping I can get a refund or possibly get a voucher to use at a later time.. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Flight 789 Sacramento to Guadalajara 11/15 @ 11:15

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  • Mi
    Michelle G Fernandez Jan 22, 2019

    I guadalupe fernandez traveled to mexico on the 12 th of december and purchased a ticket to take my pet dog but he wasnt able to go, so i would like to get my refund on the ticket, i paid with my debit card, can u please contact me at+13127526452 thank you

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  • Ma
    Maricela Ruelas Jan 22, 2019

    Mi nombre es Maricela Ruelas. Solicitó el reembolso de un acompañante de menor que no se utilizó el día 31/dic/18 y que se cobró #de reserva zfotkr de Guadalajara a San José California y el pago fue echo el día 11/dic/18
    Me puede contactar al 510-860-7488

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  • Ta
    Tamar Derisse Jan 23, 2019

    good afternoon,
    Previously my husband purchased a ticket under my married name "Tamar Louhisdon"; But my passport is under my maiden name " Tamar Derisse".

    ticket was purchased on October 22nd, 2018..confirmation #892000ST.

    How do I change the name on the ticket he purchased? and what's needed?

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  • Lu
    Lucy Hays Feb 12, 2019

    El dia 14 de enero de 2019 me fue imposible usar en Air Canada vuelo 0549 el tiquete numero 1397177891693/94 a nombre de Martha Lucia Martinez, por lo cual solicito se me reembolse el dinero correspondiente.

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  • Sa
    Sally Todorow Feb 12, 2019

    I had purchased a ticket on flight 2710 from QRO to Atlanta GA on Wednesday January 16th. I tried several times to check in online on Tuesday 1/15 but I kept getting a "Sorry" message. On the morning of 1/16, I missed the flight by minutes. The airline insisted I buy a new ticket. Why? It was never explained. I had to pay an additional $615.

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  • Di
    Diane levesque Mar 04, 2019

    Diane levesque je vous ai écrit 2 fois s.v.p. me répondre en français car je ne comprends rien en anglais merci je vous envoie des photos de ma valise à remplacer 514 923 5286 ou courriel [email protected]

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  • Se
    Sebastian Corbella May 11, 2019

    Llegando al Aeropuerto de barajas mi vuelo AM 0022 destino México city tubo uno demora de 8 horas, , , tendria que salir el sabado 4 de mayo a las 23:25 y me dieron un boleto para el domingo 5 de mayo a las 7:20am...lo que me perjudicó en mi llegada a Mexico y el trabajo

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  • Ju
    juanCarlos Rodriguez Nov 26, 2019

    descubri que me cobraron de mas.

    El dia 8 De Abril 2019 me cobraron $251.58 tres veces.

    El 8 de abril 2019 me cobraron $225.58 una vez.

    El 26 de marzo 2019 me cobraron $106.50 cuatro veces.

    Porfavor me pueden llamar los mas pronto posible para arreglar este problema. Gracias.

    [email protected]

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  • Ro
    robertfigueroa Mar 15, 2020

    requesting re-inversment of luggage paid, lost plane and did paid for luggage, was told to file a complaint for re-inverment of luggage paid...ticket number is 1397439194889 2 LOPEZJR/SALVADOR AND ROBERT A FIGUEROA FLIGHT 782 FROM GUADALAJARA TO LOS ANGELES.FEB 24

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