AeroMexicoflight delay over 10 hours!

S Nov 27, 2017

On November 17th 2017 Me Saul Tapia, my wife Priscilla Rodriguez, my mom Eloisa Tapia, my daughter Jaylene Tapia and my son Calvin Tapia took a flight operated by Aeromexico at 6am from LAX with a layover in Mexico City and second flight was supposed to be at 2:25pm from Mexico City arriving to Cancun at 4:30pm. After waiting for our 2:25 flight we then find out at 2:50pm that our flight has been canceled! after talking to three different Aeromexico employees with horrible customer service, I finally get a new flight for 8:45pm. That flight was also delayed and didn't end up leaving Mexico city to Cancun till midnight. Getting to Cancun at 3am with no rental car companies opened at that time. Paid a taxi to take us to the nearest hotel that was 30min away. It was the worst flight experience for me and my family and would like to get reimbursed for our flights and all of the additional expenses caused by this.

Ticket number: [protected]
11/17/17 - 11/22/17

Hours at Mexico city airport - 11 hours
airport food - $140.00 USD
Taxi - $60 USD
Hotel / one night - $109.00 USD
night lost at AirB&B $72.10 USD
Flight 1: to Cancun - 5 passengers - $1, 140.00 USD
Saul Tapia Alvarez
Priscilla Lupita Rodriguez
Calvin Enrique Tapia
Jaylene Priscilla Tapia
Eloisa Tapia Alvarez

My contact info
Saul Tapia

Please reach out to me as soon as possible.

hours at airport


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