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Dear Sir/Madam

I am Argine Aleksanyan and I was traveling on 28/05/2018 on flight SU1861 from Yerevan to London via Moscow and I just can't tell the level of frustration and humiliation I have endured at the Aeroflot check-in counter in Zvartnots airport.

As usual, I was about to check-in at the airport this time with my brother's wife and his 1.5 year old infant baby, who were travelling with me. But standing in the queue we were baffled by the service standards of an airline representative who was talking to passengers in a manner that was rather abnormal, since that was the first time in my travel history I have come across such behaviour of an airline staff, as he was talking the way which can be described as rude and arrogant and other passengers in the queue noticed that as well as we are. When my turn has come, the mentioned staff MR Mr.Harutyun Vantsyan commented about the size of my hand baggage the same weird way, and when I objected, he started shouting at me in front of the other passengers, as he was trying to tell me that my hand luggage wasn't a correct size. I fitted my hand luggage into a special measurement box in front of him and other staff members and I hope you can get a CCTV footage to see the frustration of staff members as they seen that my luggage was easily fitting in to a box, but Mr. H.Vantsyan was still angry and forced the baggage to be checked. I did obey but I have never experienced such level of public embarrassment in my entire life! Only when I left with a passport and a very small I was allowed to be given back my boarding pass.
Finally, when we arrived in London Heathrow, my luggage was missing... However, neither missing bag nor damaged fragile present (which supposed to be carried in the cabin) worried me of made me feel humiliated but the behaviour of the abovementioned staff member.

I find this behaviour extremely unacceptable and I strongly recommend you take some action against this sort of situations to make sure none of your travellers feel the same way I did at the Aeroflot counter, or anywhere for that matter.

If you have strict policies towards carry-on, you should avoid enforcing them in such a ridiculous manner.

Many thanks
Argine Aleksanyan

May 31, 2018
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  •   Jun 03, 2018

    Air carriers do not have obligations to look into any complaint, which are submitted via unofficial sources.
    And moreover, any official claims has to contain full particulars of the claimant, at least.

    There are NO signs of refund within 30 days:
    boarding apss
    bag tag
    your 1st request to Aeroflot carrier
    any reply of Aeroflot carrier, within 30 days, if given
    name city country email phone of passenger.

    No phone conversations are valid reasons of any complaint in 98+% cases.

    We recovernr debt, if the sum not less than 400EUR/450USD
    maximum claim for missed bag is max about 500EUR

    35USD/30EUR against invoice
    15% after the refund is issue in your favor

    Manager for ICAO/IATA irregulation matters
    aryan(at) - for requests
    air.irregulations(at) -, substitute (at)[email protected]

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