A&e Factory Service / Whirlpool / no show/no fix


I have a brand new Whirlpool washer.It started leaking water 2 weeks after I bought it. So I called service.A&E Factory Service, 1st appointment was a no show, 2nd appointment no part, overnighted the part, it arrived as promised but no show from technician on 3rd appointment.Finally on the 4th appointment the techian looked at me as I was walking to the door to meet him, then left. Still no repair.I called A&E, and was told that I would have to make a 5th appointment.A&E rep was rude and useless.They actually dared me to file a complaint with Whirlpool.So I did.Whirlpool asked me to try another service provider.So I did.Let's see what happens now. A&E Factory Service is horrible.Be advised to call the manufacturer first and get another company to service your appliances!

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