ADTmail advertisement signed by someone who does not exist!

I just moved into my new home two weeks ago. I moved from out of state and did not forward my mail, as I am trying to escape my stalker ex-husband. The only companies that have my name are my current utilities and none of them were forwarded from out of state either. ADT sent me a mail advertisement about new security service, addressed to "me" at my home address! I have only been here two weeks! How the hell did they know who I am and where I live? It's insane. To top it off, it's signed by the Director of Public Relations, Donna Cooper and asks me to contact her with an 866 number. Upon calling, I find that Donna Cooper does not exist, nor will they give me the name of the real Director of Public Relations. They say that they don't buy lists, so they don't know how my name was on the advertisement. Of course when asking to speak to a supervisor, no one is available and won't be until the year 2023.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Sparks, NVI mean, why do they feel they have to put a fake name on their ad? It's ridiculous. Why put a name at all? Like I'm going to rush to the phone and order service because "my ol' pal Donna" suggests it. Give me a break.
It seems as if businesses are just getting more degraded by the day. I don't know if the economy is just turning them all into scammers and liars or what - but it's very disheartening. And while I love the internet and am very comp savvy, I am so sick of this information age, where anyone, anywhere, can track you and find you at the click of a button. It's a full time job keeping even a small amount of privacy in your life.
Anyway, with this kind of deception on part of ADT - I wouldn't trust them any more than the criminal who wants to break into my home. My trusty dogs, shiny silver handgun, and 6' 3" ex-football player hubby will protect me just fine.

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