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ADT Security Services / unacceptable service

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I worked for ADT at the call center in Jacksonville FL. I was one of the people you talk to if you call the 1800-adt-asap number. I was promoted from the outbound calls to inbound. As an outbound operator Id get an alarm and call the home or business and the list if you set it up that way we call it ecv- Enhanced call verification, the Police or fire or med department, then the rest of your call list. I had three to four calls where The PD number was incorrect in my four months working outbound. Id call the number we had listed, the pd would say its not their jurisdiction then give me a phone number for the proper department I'd call them and give the address. If it was the right number Id update the account showing the proper number to call from then on so the next preson who got an alarm with that account would save time calling around. There was one time that i got NO answer at the pd number listed. It was busy and said number has been disconnected. Id call the Fire department to see if they had the police departments number or if they could respond and even they said they never heard of the address or the county the PD number was listed under. I called our 411 info number to see if they had a listing for a police department in that state and town, even one i could call so i could get the run around from them. They didn't have anything, the policy is to try all available options and then continue the list and inform someone to call 911 for us, If we got answering machines we were to leave a message saying we couldn't get a hold of the police and to call us back with an updated working number. We CAN update the number even as entry level operators, so I apologize for that operators mistake they did not care to do their job properly. When we get alarms we can see most of the events that have happened before this one. I've seen operators call the home number then move on to the next alarm, They didn't even call the police or make a comment as to whether they talked to someone at the home with proper authorization. I made sure to tell my supervisor about it but there were so many lazy mistakes that seem small on our end but could be potentially life threatening or at least cause you property damage on the customers. Customers are not taken seriously and neither are the lower staff there, so I know exactly what you have been going through-just from the other side.

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  • Je
      28th of Sep, 2008
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    I am 91 years old and had the heart monitor system attached to the adt system for 3 hours, it never did work. I called to have it removed, I have had the security monitoring system for 10 years, never did know if it really works, however i pay each month. The heart monitoring system is a failed system and no one have come to pick the unit up, now they are billing me for $250.00 I feel that this is fraud, i have placed many calls. but no one has returned my calls, how can i get help and who do I write too, as i am a heart patient. thank you. Jennie

  • Am
      25th of Oct, 2009
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    For Jennie Williams, I'm not familiar with the heart monitoring system. My advice would be to call the sales people who sold you the unit add on to your system and see what they can do. I'm not sure what number you have to call but the basic number to reach one of the customer service departments is 1-800-ADT-ASAP which is 1-800-238-2727. Tell them your problem and make sure they know exactly what you need, If they are unsure tell them you want to talk with a Supervisor and don't give up till you speak with someone who knows exactly what they are doing. Because of the high turnover rate the person you first call could be new and its their first day on the floor. Billing is responsible for canceling service and probably refunds-basically anything to do with the customers money we will transfer to billing (accounts services)to handle and they will try to give you back to us if they don't know either. If after several more days with no success contact a lawyer and press the issue, for some reason ADT really starts to listen when a lawyer and law suit is mentioned. Best of luck and let me know if you are able to get help with this. Im curious to see how long it takes myself. Here is a list of numbers and maybe a link to send an email to someone.

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