ADT Security Services / customer supposed to pay for repairs to adt alarm cameras, monitor, dvd, etc. this is unacceptable

Review updated:

Need repairs to ADT eqpt that have been in my home since 2015:
1/ DVR not working,
2/ 4 outside cameras not working,
3/ monitor not working,
4/ ADT pulse app on cell phone not working
** these 4 problems cause my PTSD and anxiety medical diseases to escalate. I am unable to use cameras to see who is at the front door. As a result, I have to tiptoe to the side of the house, and peer out of the miniblinds to see if I recognize the visitor / criminal.

5/ requesting free labor, free parts, and free service call to get ADT alarm running properly again (see above). I have paid this monthly ADT bill in good faith.
6/ Upgrade landline (black & yellow wires outside the house in the eqpt box) service to satellite radio with a SIM card. Upon install, I requested a satellite connection, and today the service technician, Mr. Javier, showed me that I had a landline connection. That means any criminal can cut the two wires and have free access to my home- since alarm would be disconnected by the criminal. Theft & burglary are rampant problems in San Antonio, the 7th largest USA city. Neighborhood breakins occur daily!
7/ Receive a monetary refund for faulty equipment since January 2018. Why pay for ADT alarm features if they don't work? The standards of a reasonable person would concur.

For the record, AUS (an ADT vendor) performed the October 2015 installation. The technician was Hector, the salesman was Art Blackman, Tom was the owner of the San Antonio AUS business, and Scott Gonzales was the sales manager for the AUS company.
I was told today that AUS was purchased by ADT, and Scott Gonzalez is the owner of the San Antonio CSG alarm group.

Allegedly, Tom the owner was a slime bag, and ran the company into bankruptcy.

All I want is peace when I am home with a properly, fully functioning ADT alarm system that is repaired.

8/2/18 To Whom This Concerns: 
From: Maureen Montgomery 
Physical Address - 13026 Hunters Breeze, San Antonio, TX, USA 

Today, I was a victimized customer that experienced an absolute bait & switch attempt to force me (a three-year contract holder) to PAY for updates and replacement of ADT owned alarm equipment (four outside cameras, DVD, etc.). 

My ADT Contract ends on 10/30/18, and this dreadful situation obviously reveals that you will lose me as a customer, and I promise to bad mouth your company with truthful facts that I have experienced since January 2018. 

Today, I opened up two corporate tickets w three ADT employees on the telephone.
1/ 7684160 case # 
2/ 7679800 work order - created by Jade Halls, phone [protected], Ext 112167 
3/ Alissa - Sales & Add On's, extension 1191163. Alissa offered me a solution: "to buy new ADT equipment, to get my alarm running properly." 
FYI - Alissa's brilliant statement may work if I was mentally impaired or filthy rich. This is a horrible example of customer service. I need extreme help from your team (technical support/repairs, public relations, customer service, public affairs, investor relations, legal, risk management, and a great need for a competent repair technician - ADT employee or third party sub-contractor that can solve ADT alarm equipment problems at my home). 

I am seeking free help for labor & equipment repairs to ADT installed alarm equipment that has not worked since January 2018. 

Today, a "third party"technician that is paid by ADT appeared at my home. "Javier" stated he represented ADT, and only repaired the ADT Pulse located on my cell phone problem. Unfortunately, Javier stated that ADT does not repair/replace their own ADT equipment which has been at my home since 10/30/15 (DVR, 4 outside cameras, monitor, QMEye sensors problem). 

Please share this information with intelligent and savvy team members who can provide a free solution to me. 

Maureen Montgomery 
Absolute bait & switch attempt to force customers with a three-year contract to PAY for updates and replacement of ADT owned alarm eqpt (repair of four cameras, etc.). My Contract ends on 10/30/18, and I will switch to an honest alarm company.

Opened up two corporate tickets today on the following telephone number: 1-800-ADT-ASAP:
7684160 case #
7679800 work order

I will settle this great problem with the SA BBB or Corporate BBB. Today, a third party technician appeared, representing ADT, and only repaired ADT Pulse on cell phone. He said that ADT does not repair/replace ADT equipment located at my house (DVR, 4 outside cameras, monitor, QMEye sensors problem).

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      Aug 03, 2018

    Social Security is important as well. Social security committed to protecting the information and resources entrusted to us, including your personal information and investment. Nowadays it's one of the most important issues. I would be one of the victims: This attacker wanted to get my personal information, even passwords. I find the "attacker" with So, be careful!

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