ADT Security Services / billing of adt and defenders

My husband and I been adt customers since 2013. This year we moved to a new home. We moved our services to a new home and purchased more equipment when installer came. We were supposed to be charged 1200 for equipment and 50 every month for services. We paid $107 installation fee but were supposed to receive visa gift card to offset it. The day of installation on 03 31 17 we paid 1st out of 4 equipment payments and first months service fee. However technician tablet messed up while he was here and he never got us to sign the contract. He said office will mail us one. He said he didn't feel like driving back to the office to get another tablet. After technician left we discovered that portable alarm monitor is not holding a charge for 24 hours as technnitian said and it needs to be plugged in always otherwise the whole system starts beeping like crazy. Which made it not very portable unit at all and defeated the whole purpose why we bought it and paid 300 for it. We also had a problem with outside alarm. Technnician said it has 60 second delay. Bit it didn't it starts beeping as soon as we walk in the house. Our neighbors were not happy with it. We tried dealing with it for a month but we couldn't. My husband called to get both items returned bc we got misinformation when we got it and we didn't want to spend 600 on something that doesn't work right. He was assured when he called that technician will come to pick it up and we won't have to pay for it. Ling story short involving multiple calls No one came to get the devices. Also manager said that we will receive credit because of double charging the old account for 3 months. So we thought we are done paying for it because they never pulled money for the equipment bc of what manager said. We were still paying monthly fee that was coming out of account automatically. We got a letter in October saying that our account is being sent to collection agency soon because we are not paying our bills. And contact their billing department to keep it from happening. We got so upset. I looked back at the account and it turns out that they stopped charging in July and we had not paid monthly fee now for almost 3 months. We got no notice that they have problem charging our account and had no idea. It was bill that is coming out automatically and we always had plenty of money in account. We also got mail from collections agency there too that our account has been sent to them dated next day later than add notice. Just this time the amount grew quadruple from what adt mail said that we got day before. We had no idea and received 0 correspondence and 0 emails from them regarding our account. My husband has been on the phone with collections agency adt and defenders every day for over 2 weeks now. Apparently we are being charged for all equipment as early contract termination fee. We have no problem paying for what we owe but we still wanted to use adt services. We did not want to terminate our contract. My husband talked to multiple managers at defenders and add as well as collections agency and noonenis able to help us. It is unbelievable how crappy this company is. We don't even have contract signed with them but we have to pay early termination fees on account we don't want to terminate! We are contacting lawyers to file a lawsuit. I cannot believe this company is so crappy would not even let us know that t here is a problem with payment and wouldn't even give us an option to pay it to keep an account.

Nov 16, 2017

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