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IL, United States
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Now I have been out of contract for a few years now:

I received several calls on a weekly basis from ADT asking me about my account starting in November 2011. Each time I told the call center representative that I wanted to cancel because I was not sure if I was going to renew with ADT for the New Year.

I also informed ADT that I was not even using the system because every-time I turn it on, I forget and open the door in the morning and the alarm would go off and then the police would come. So I stopped turning it on. For this reason, I’m paying for something that I’m not even using.

I have always been a good solid customer, as I asked to be billed on annual basis and I have paid annually. Now I am getting a bill when I had clearly asked to cancel starting from November to January when the ADT service center continuously called on a weekly basis. I should have noticed that something was weird when the calls never stopped. Then I look up in March and I see this bill and I call to question why am I getting a bill, because I was not in a contract situation. I was told that I did not pay my bill. I told ADT that I can not forced to renew if I had decided to cancel until further notice.

Your call center department is very unethical and I guess making a sale quota rather than listening to the customer is more important. I clearly cancelled. I called several times this year to try to work with ADT and just go ahead and renew and pay the annual just as I had in the past and I’m told that I am now a BAD customer and I must pay what is left on this account $194.74 in addition to the annual fee. I have refused because I cancelled.
It’s not my fault, that if I clearly stated that I no longer wanted the service that they decided not to note it on my account. I am NOT responsible for neglect.

ADT has proven that the customer service is very, very poor when a good customer whom always paid annually even tries to work it out and just go ahead and pay the annual bill in full and move forward. No I do not want a 3 year contract, when I have already proved that I’m a long termed customer whom pays her bill. Now this shows what happens when your customer tries to cancel in which we do have every right to do so. It demonstrates home ADT tries to tack on extra billing to put the customer in a bad state.

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