ADT / installation damages that were never complete

Jacksonville, FL, United States
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ADT showed up at my home without calling first as I asked. We got to the home around 5:30 pm. My husband asked the technician how long would it take and would they be done by 9pm, the tech said yes before that. They were not finished at 9:30 pm, I told them we have to leave to get our kids, at first they refused to leave saying they can't leave, I said yes you can it's almost 10pm and we have to get our kids unless ADT is paying $25 late fee to the babysitter, after going back and forth with the tech, I finally called ADT to report that it don't take almost 5 hours to set up this system and if it does they need to come back like I originally told the tech, but he told me NO! He had other appts. the next day. The ADT rep on the phone asked me to put them on the phone, I did...then he gave me the phone back. I said to the tech, Ok now what and he says he's going to finish the job, I said I need to leave and get my kids AGAIN!! I went back to the rep on the phone and asked what is going on, he said he didn't know and he was calling the tech's supervisor, well the supervisor said if they leave they have to rip the equipment out of the walls because they can't leave it, I said they ain't ripping my damn wall up, ADT will pay for whatever they damage, then he says they would need to take the equipment and I said well why can't they just leave it and come back, now he told me OK, but after talking to the tech, the tech told me no, he can't leave anything and they left holes and various wires hanging out the wall, insulation all over our just professionally cleaned carpets, they disconnected our phone lines, we have no phone service because of whatever they did on Aug.26, it's just horrible, I called ADT the next day so they can have someone come out to fix my phone line that they messed up and come get all these hanging wires they left coming out of my wall and the lady told me I need to call the phone company to fix the phone that ADT disconnected and I need to file a complaint with the Loyalty Dept. for the holes and wires they left, which was close that day (Saturday) and she said she will have them call me on Monday which is BS it's 11 am now, I should of been one of the first calls they made! NOT!! I will send this to ever ADT center, customer service email, management, Corp. BBB and wherever else I can send this, with all the pictures I took showing the damage and the tech's can of Monster Juice he left on my counter!!! This is BAD BUSINESS!!! ADT should be shame!!! Meanwhile I'm stuck with NO phone service, wires hanging around my house and ceiling and holes in my walls!!!

Aug 29, 2016

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