Silverline Security Complaints & Reviews

Silverline Security / alarm system

Dec 14, 2018

I have been away from this company over two years and they are still hitting my credit score. Even after I fulfilled my contract and they tried to automatically renew it without my consent! Then they had the audacity to charge me $1200 for a system that stopped working 6 months in and wa...

Silverline Security / Customer Service

Nov 28, 2011

Silverline targeted my 75 year old mother for a contract. After 6 calls over the course of 4 months to get someone to fix the system that stopped working after 6 months, and no service technician to show up and fulfill the service agreement, my mother called and said she would stop payment...

Silverline Security / SCAM three day trial on a three year contract!

Oct 14, 2011

Yes, I agree it is a SCAM. They targeted my elderly mother, who had ADT signs in her yard AND a no solicitations sign on BOTH of her front doors. And what kind of a reputable company offers a THREE day trial on a three year contract? My mother contacted her sales rep RYAN LYMAN (as in...

Silverline Security / Horrible Install

May 25, 2011

My wife just had the system installed yesterday. Yet the sales man and the installer was very nice, but when the the system was installed i had to test it myself and break in my own house. Of course nothing happend i made it from my basement door up the stairs and then into my bedroom(wow...

Silverline Security / Happy, not sad

Jan 26, 2011

I've had some run ins with Silverline Security and have nothing negative to say about them. I'm just posting a good review where it's due and our dealings with Silverline Security has been nothing but great results. We started with ADT a few years back, but when Silverline...

Silverline Security / SCAM


Please run away from this SHADY SHADY company. They do the majority of the sales during the summer. They will lie cheat and steal to get every dollar they can out of you. From the CEO Matt Smith to the CFO Adam Christianson to the President Adam Schanz (the shadiest one of them all) Plu...

Silverline Security Company / Scam


A sales rep came to my door and was very rude to not just myself but the rest of my family. They claim to be part of the GE selling secrity systems. Just yesterday a female came to my door and was just as rude. Stay away from these people!!

Silverline Security / Misrepresentation of Company


Two representatives from Silverline Security (Safeguard America) knocked on my door even though I have a highly visible sign on my door discouraging solicitors. I asked them several questions through the door and wasn't able to understand what they represented. Finally, they said they...

Silverline Security / Worst customer service, false ad


This company hires many young salespeople just out of high school or college to fool customers with false advertisement. They will write an invoice showing all the benefits the client is getting when buying this very technologically advanced system. It is a wireless GE system that GE i...

Silverline Security / Bad service


They are very rude and disrespectful. All they care about is money. We need to report them to the Better Business Bureau, since not every customer has access to the internet.

Silverline Security / Rip off


I worked as a tech for 4 months for these a#@holes, and never received my "back-end". Its a bunch of bs they told me i would make at least $40, 000 and only saw about $2, 000 they gave throughout the whole 4 months. I ended up having to go out of pocket, but i did it because they promised...