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This is just a warning for all people who would like to buy a home security service from ADT - be careful on the points below before signing anything:

We rent a house and ADT was already installed here. So we called ADT (1) and wanted to activate the system at our residence.
(1- make sure you always call the ADT's national number you get from internet, not a local office or a 1-800 number you see somewhere. I actually do not remember where we found their number but it turned out that it is the number of the local office, even though it's 1-800; and the connection between the national office and local office is horrible - keep on reading, you'll see)

The sales person came from ADT security services (2- the local office address is 2250 W Pinehurst Blvd, suite 100, Addison, IL - avoid this office if you can, I do not know it's this office or all local offices, but this one is really bad for service except for the technicians, who are really nice and hardworking)

As we did not know the code for the security box, and neither did the owner; sales person told us that there is no way to access the box and has to be replaced ($99). Also there was the radio connection already established, so he said we have to pay monthly $44 as it would be hard to make an extra line for a phone connection (which was actually cheaper- $36) We said ok and signed the contract (3- never sign a contract before the technician comes and makes sure what the salesperson says is applicable and true, the best is arrange the tech and sales person at the same time, if possible)

The next day, the technician came. Thank god, he was really clever, nice and hardworking. He somehow figured out the code (turned out to be only 1234), so he did not change the security box. He also figured that there is a problem with the radio connection so had to establish a phone connection from the security box. He wrote everything, all these changes on the rider he prepared and we signed it. Oh, and we go a wireless key chain remote, so the tech called the salesperson, he said we would just be charged $49, for this key chain and nothing else...

From this point you would assume that all was taken care of and changes were made in your account, right? I did too. Then my husband warned me that may not be the case, and wanted to check. Then began my endless phone calls to bunch of 1-800 adt numbers. After a point they said all would be taken care of and corrections made when we receive the invoice. In the meanwhile our credit card was charged $79. I called again, they said the would correct it. we received the first invoice (it was a notification actually, not a real invoice, but showed our uncorrected balance, I called again, they said it would be corrected in the first bill. 2 days ago, our credit card was charged $44 (the monthly radio connection fee, still uncorrected), and yesterday we received an invoice, stating that there's a balance of $130. I called the 1-800 on the invoice for billing purposes, and the lady told me that they still see the installation charge for the security box ($99) and the monthly radio connection fee on our account and I have to call the local office for the corrections. I told her the whole situation and i am sick of calling their offices and trying to make corrections (which is actually their job, not mine) She said she would investigate it and call me back. I heard this couple times before, hope this time they can fix it
(4- if you lived through a similar case and at this point, I do not have any recommendations, if you do, pls share with me, as all I can do is wait for the corrections and write complaints on the internet, and if not corrected for couple more months, not pay the amount that is not our responsibility and cancel ADT's service)

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      20th of May, 2010

    Once you have signed the ADT contract and the grace period has passed, I don't believe that you can just cancel the contract without good cause. And, do you know for sure how long the contract is that you signed? They tricked me into signing a three year contract. It did not say anywhere on the contract that it was for three years. A different document, they sent me later after I complained that the salesperson did not disclose I was signing a three year contract, was without signatures, and said it was for three years. I managed to get the three year contract negated. I found out that I am senstive to too much EMF (electronic magnetic frequency/radio signals in a close area. Once the alarm system was activated, regardless if it was armed or not, it made my heart race and over stimulated my central nervous system. I can't sit in the same room with a wireless modem/router either. I will feel like I am being enveloped in radiation and will feel ill and like I can't think. When I checked a resource to find out how many antennas, radio/tv towers, wireless systems, and other EMF frequencies are within a four mile radius of my home I was shocked to find there were over 400 different EMF/radio systems. This was back in 2007 and I'm sure there are more now with everyone going wireless. Add everyone's microwave ovens on top of that and we are all swiimming in a EMF soup. It affects everyone differently and at different levels. But scientists are finding out that EMF causes cancer. When I asked for the contract to be cancelled due to medical issues, that was when I found out it was a three year contract. And, I am a person that reads the entire contract before I sign it. Anyway, the manager told me that I needed a doctor to write a letter. EMF medical issues are a new medical issue and not too many doctors are familiar with it. But I did find a doctor to write the letter and my contract ended. Make sure you get everything promised or changed in writing and keep the names and telephone numbers of everyone you deal with at ADT. I'm surprised that ADT' is still handling their accounting between the local office and the national accounting office. It is a very inefficient system that ends up with mass communication errors and billing problems between the two offices and it takes forever to get accounting mistakes corrected. I think it is because their accounting program is only accessible at certain times for corrections and the correction will only show up after the next billing period ends and is billed. That is why it seems to take two billing cycles to get an accounting error corrected. So, if they miss the deadline to get a correction inputted before the next billing cycle ends and bills are printed, you have to wait until the next month and billing cycle run before it shows up. Cheap, archaic system.

    And, it seems that the smoke sensor was so sensitive that every time you cook and a little steam smoke rises it sets off the alarm and the fire department shows up. Then you get billed for a false alarm. But when the burglar alarm is activated, the people monitoring the alarms take forever to contact you before the police are contacted. The problem I ran into was my city is new and used to be a part of a large city next door. It's been over ten years since my city was created and separated from the big city. But ADT's database is so old that is still showed my zip code in the old big city. So, the first time the fire alarm activated it took 15 minutes for the fire trucks to arrive even though their office is one mile away. The problem is the zip code sent the fire alarm to the previous big city's fire department and they didn't recognize my address and then it took someone ten minutes to figure out that my address/zipcode was in the new city and then they had to forward the alarm to my city's fire department. Now, if this had been a "real" fire and not a false alarm, my house would have burned down by the time they arrived.

    Warning: Don't make an assumption about anything - check out even the smallest detail and ask a lot of questions. Don't be shy - it may save your family's life someday.

    On another note, to protect your family and yourself from EMF, there are many products coming out that you can put on your cell phone, wireless modem/router/babymonitor/microwave/portable phone base/desktop and laptop computers, cable/satellite boxes, TV's, etc... There is a new product that isn't expensive and I'm not associated with it at all. It's called x-Zubi. If you want to purchase it and get a charity tax write off, search for the 'jimbakkershow" and call them to order. With shipping, they are $25 a piece. Or, you can purchase them from the x-Zubi website without a charity tax write off. You need one z-Zubi for each wireless product.

    The x-Zubi is the only product on the market right now that completely absorbs EMF radiation and it will last as long as you keep it on your phone, etc...

    Again, I have no connection with x-Zubi. Cancer from EMF radiation is real. Check it out if you don't believe me. People are getting brain cancer in the shape of their phone antenna or hip bone cancer from carrying their cell phone on their belt.

    Being wireless is wonderful but EMF radiation is no joke. Anything wireless uses this technology.

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