ADT, Fidelitybad response, no feedback, excuses, not what you sign up for, more vulnerable after sistem. than before. bad communication.

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Good afternoon
When the sistem. Was signed up, I understood all doors will. Be protected and no one can enter without a sound. We only had attempted outside break inns, suddenly they came into the lounch almost into the bedrooms wasnt it for the dogs, we had to suddenly pay cash for more eyes etc, the security took very long to came out, they ask me if I have a torch for them, entering with nothing, I had to fo outside to unlock gates, 2nd time same night 2hours later, the alarms tripped again, my dogs want to. Eat our doors and destroy the wall, but the security guy doesnt even want to come in, and every time I have to lock my dogs up. I honestly feel. They must remove the sistem, im. Not interested anymore, and I now have to buy panic buttons for when we want to. Come in, and alarm can only be tripped and activated inside the house, past many gates and locks, we will. Be dead by then. How must I forward.
Thank you
Zenta van heerden

Jan 05, 2019
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  • Zi
      Apr 30, 2019

    We got a inheritance in 2001 of Antique furniture and 1800s glassware .I thought we should get a security system installed so we called ADT here in Aurora Colorado. Lets say 30 months go by and someone knocks on the door saying they are doing an upgrade to the system at no cost to you . So we say sure go ahead. Well when they leave we find we have a new security company. which we find odd and WHY ? Well they pay off the old and we continue on. 30 months later it happens again and again and again . Well 18 years later here we are in our 70s stairs and yard work are getting to be a issue. Wife has had back surgery so we look into moving from those issues. We move in to a 55 and up neighborhood and notify our utilities . Our latest security company is Brinks out of Dallas Texas who says sorry you owe us I say we have been paying in for 18 years they don't care . Now I don't care how you slice it dice it or examine this I think any company who would continue to take money for services they are not providing is totally unethical and should be looked into . Richard Ziegler Aurora Colorado April 2019

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