ADTbreach of procedure

I was recently offered a position with ADT as a "Builders Security Representative". The job title is very misleading as are most of the job titles having to do with sales. As I found out, it was nothing more than Door to Door sales to homeowners that already have the equipment installed in their homes. Apparently, after a series of phone calls and being told "No, we are not interested in having the system activated", the next approach is to go knock on their doors. As I was told, " The customer is less likely to say no if someone is at their door". Many folks have their phone numbers placed on the "Do Not Call" list, well ADT has found a way around this. Apparently. buried in their original paperwork with the Home builder it states that ADT can call them for up to 5 years. I was led to think I would be working with Home Builders and Home Owners that initiated a visit to discuss their security system. We were expected to visit up to 100 homes per week. I was also told, as a last resort to say to a customer "Let me activate your system which will register your warranty". You can always cancel in a few days, but this way by doing this, it will allow me to remove your name from our list so you are not contacted again. I feel like such a fool for falling for this. I knew it sounded too good to be true. I am a professional in the field of Audio and Video equipment and not a Door to Door Pest...

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