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ADP Money Network / false information/inability it access funds

1 7000 Goodlet Farms Pkwy 2nd FloorCordova, TN, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 1-866-402-1237

I work for a company that requires that you be paid in a "paper-less" fashion. I do not have a checking account so I opted for the ADP Total Pay Card. I received the card 26hrs prior to filing this complaint. Since then I have tried of 30 times to activate my card, at which point I am disconnected with because they "are experiencing technical difficulties". Upon calling, I could not speak to customer service because my card is not yet activated, and you have to use it to log into the system in order to contact customer service. However eventually I was able to by just pressing pound (#) when it asks for card number about 4-5 times. They told my 16 hrs ago that it was a system update and would be complete within 2 hrs. It is now 16 hrs later and I am now receiving late fees on 4 different bills. I contacted customer service again only to have him tell me "it should be done within the hour", but has yet to be "updated". I know this seems relatively mild for a complaint, but I have seen many similar complaints all over the web with this particular companie. My point is this: They outsource their customer service so as to use a language barrier as an excuse to give false information, yet this is the ONLY way to contact them... they do not even provide an email to customer service, or a number to the bank that manages them. The only human contact you are able to have, is someone willing (and all0wed) to lie, and tell you what you want to hear to get you off the phone. It is my opinion that too many large corporations like this are allowed to run legitimately with no need for regard for their customers, and a legal wall up to prevent us from doing anything to have our problem fixed.

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  • Wa
      23rd of Nov, 2009
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    My employer enrolled me in the ADP Total Pay program without my knowledge, although they claim to have sent me notice two weeks earlier that I had an option between this debit card and direct deposit. The Total Pay card is a scam that Wall St would be jealous of. Your employer deposits it's payroll into ADP's account, and ADP pays you. With Total Pay Debit Card, ADP holds YOUR money in THEIR bank collecting interest, then ADP charges you a $2.50 monthly "maintainence fee", $1.50 per use ATM charge, and even charges you for customer service, which is outsourced to english as an almost second language speaking Customer Service Reps. My advice, if you have the card, take it to a bank and open a checking account, some banks even offer cash incentives to new customers, then advise your employer you want direct deposit, and dont let them tell you they dont have it. If they have ADP Total Pay, then direct deposit IS an option. I honestly believe ADP is headed for a major class action law suit with this scam.

  • Ve
      13th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I agree. The customer service is terrible. I have unresolved issues from a glitch in the system that has frozen my accounts. I have called 11 times in 2 days. I still can't access my money to put gas in my car and get to work. I have contacted our corporate offices. My HR department has forwarded the message to our payroll manager and VP of operations. I guess ADP would rather throw away an account of 1500 employees than correct a simple error.

  • Ga
      30th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    This card is a total rip off!! If you call them on the telephone there is a $3 service charge. No matter what you ask them, they only say that all charges are laid out in the initial application forms. If your card is declined at a business you are charged a .5o cent fee each and every time. If you purchase gas with this card, you are charged a minimum of $75 in addition to the amount of gas that you actually pump. Your money is eventually put back on to your card, but it puts you in a situation where you cannot make purchases until the money is put back on your card...then you are charged the 50 cent each time until the money is put back on the card. This card is out there under very fraudalent practices. I don't recommend this card to anyone. If you employer is trying to get you to get paid with this card, run in the opposite direction as fast as you can!!! Your wallet will thank you for it.

  • We
      24th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    WOW!!!Watch your statements!!!Like myself I have very little, so every little counts! I had returned a purchase to be credited to my account in the amount of $80.00. Hey that's alot of money for me and my family! I didn't see the credit for 7 buisiness days, so I started at the retailer that told me it was credied on 9/10-. OK I call APD they see the credit but no funds to the account. So the rep puts in a dispute about the credit. OK well I call the corporate office of the retailer 12 buisiness days later and I still don't have the credit in my account-she calls ADP -the number on the back of my card. They tell her it was credited on 9/10. She calls me with the info. I am soooo confused and bewildered why the rep told her this! So I call ADP, and all the while I am pulling up my statement on line, and to my surprise the retailers inquiry call was charged to my account $3.00 as was the initial dispute and this call! SO TO MY SURPRISE -ALL OF A SUDDENN THIS CREDIT ENTRY APPEARED BACK ON 9-10-WOW !!WOW??? RIP OFF!!! THIS ENTRY WAS NOT THERE AND I SHOULD HAVE PRINTED EVERY BALANCE PAGE!!! THEY TAKE AND ARE FAKE WHILE YOU BAKE!!! WHERE IS MY MONEY????????????????????!!!

  • Er
      5th of Feb, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I have had it with adp money card...OK my account was put on hold for a stupid reason.Well they told me that my account was placed on hold due to the fact I upgraded to a visa card.They told me that every customer that upgrades to a visa card, account must be put on hold until they prove their identity by faxing there valid driver's license and social security card. Well I did so..THREE times!!! The first time they told me they were able to view my social security card but my driver's license was to dark and too small..OK.. cool I went to send it again i call them the next day my account was still on hold they told me that they had lost my fax.. WHAT??? How could you possibly run a business and your losing paperwork.. Careless correct?? Ok but it only gets worst...I asked to speak to the supervisor he said that the fax that I sent she said that it was blank..Wait hold up didn't you say you lost it?? OK so i agreed to send it again.. I did i called to check they told me that they still couldn't see it because it was too small and i didn't have an account number on the fax..I told them that they didn't tell me to put an account number the supervisor told me that it was not his fault.He asked me would I send it a third time so I agreed.. I called later that day they said that they recieved my doucuments and the hold would be taken off by morning.OK I called this morning the hold was STILL on.They said that they department forgot to take the hold off.. OMG are serious they said for me to call back Monday because the department was closed... Are you freaking serious??

  • An
      15th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    I, too, am DONE with ADP. I was issued this card 5 years ago by my employer when I was told on my first day of work that I needed to either sign up for this card or provide my banking info. I was new to the area (had just moved a week prior), my current bank was in another state, and I hadn't even opened a new checking acount yet, so I agreed to this card. After that, I just never bothered to change my direct deposit to my checking account and have used the Total Pay card since then with no issues...other than the ridiculous fees charged...until this week. On Wednseday, I noticed that there were 2 pending charges for what appeared to be online bookings for Dubai, UAE, totalling nearly $700. (My son had this card linked to his PS3 account, so I am sure my info was obtained when the infamous PS3 hacking took place). I immediately called their so-called customer service line, and was "helped" by a woman with a thick Indian accent. I was basically told that there was nothing they could do for me while the charges were still pending, that I had to wait until the money was actually stolen from my account, and then call back. RIDICULOUS!!! I waited several days, and of course, this morning the pending transactions had gone through. So, I again called ADP, this time speaking to a man with a thick Spanish accent. When I explained the situation to him, I was told that now they could mail me the dispute form, which would take 7-10 days to arrive, fill it out and send it back (another 7-10 days??) then their "dispute dept" would review the claim, determine if it is valid, then "try their best" (his exact words) to credit this money back to my account (which would take another 30 days according to him). When I asked him why this wasn't able to be prevented before the transactions went through, and why it would take so long to get my money back (if they determined it was a valid dispute, that is!), and what about limited liability for unauthorized transactions, his response over and over again was "The card is issued through MetaBank and this is their policy". I basically threw my hands up in the air, cancelled the current card, and agreed to have another one issued so that they would be able to credit the stolen $700 back to that card, if and when that ever happens...and then discovered when I checked my account online that they had charged me $9.95 for the priviledge of doing so!!! I immediately logged on to my employer's website and changed my direct deposit to my checking account...something I should have done long ago. Live and learn, I guess.

  • Ce
      22nd of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have had my adp acct compromised twice in two consecutive pay periods. So two weeks getting my paychecks late and i still dont have this last one. My husband did use the cards both times on the ps3 network. Im out 600 dollars until next payday, when i might be getting a new card with he rest of my money. First the rep told me 5-7 business days, then 7-10. They have the worst customer service imaginable. As a customer service agent for a major phone company, i would be fired if i exhibited some of the behaviors ive encountered while speaking with their reps. And of course, because some douchbag decided to fraudulently use my card, i have to suffer for it, being an honest worker who earns my money and doesnt steal it from others. This has been the worst experience and an embarassing one at that.

  • Ju
      30th of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    I had recieved an unauthorized charge on my account in the amount of $452.90. I will not only be sending a letter to the merchant responsible, I will be sending a copy of all of this to my attorney as well. Hopefully, I will be recieving the form in the mail within the next few days. Whoever did this will not get away with it.

  • At
      1st of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    I agree! I have been trying to activate the card for my daughter and thought I had done everything right. When I tried to log in to check the status of her checking account, it would not let me in even though I had clearly written down the user name and password. I called to get this straightened out and ...BAM!...the account was charged and my daughter is $3 poorer! Payroll through this card system is a TOTAL RIPOFF! I don't know if businesses get paid for using it but they should seriously consider how it's going to affect their employees who work hard for their money!

  • Je
      17th of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes

    I chose direct deposit but was still given an ADP card... I am confused :/

  • Ma
      8th of Aug, 2012
    -3 Votes

    Great company to work with, amazing sales team.

  • Er
      15th of Oct, 2012
    0 Votes

    I hate my ADP card. I tried to upgrade mine because I can't use the one that they gave me won't work on ATMs, online, or in-store anywhere really. The only place so far that it works at is HEB and I have to do cash back to get the money off of my card. So, when I called to upgrade my card they had to do a check to make sure that I am who I say I am. Well, I ended up failing because I had just moved and changed my address and I also just got married, so my ID is still in my maiden name. They told me that I would have to fax them in a copy of my ID, social security card, and marriage certificate, so I did. A friend from work told me that they put a hold on her card, because she had failed the check also, so I called customer service and asked them if there would be any kind of hold put on my card since I had already faxed in my information, and they told me that there wouldn't be. So, I got payed normally and no hold was put on my card...then two weeks later when pay day came along again BAM, I go to use my card and there's a hold on it. WTF, so called customer service to find out what the hell was going on and I was told that a hold was put on my card because they had not received my I faxed it again. I was told that the hold should be taken off within 24 hours, so I'll be calling back tomorrow to see if it was taken off. If not, I'll be leaving another complaint. This is ridiculous.

  • Ov
      20th of Dec, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I'm done with ADP someone used my card to purchase tickets in Europe...Somewhere I've never been I filled out the dispute form and waiting for my money to be debited back to my account, which is ridiculous. Why do i have to wait for my money when I'm telling you I was never overseas and never authorized anyone to use my card anywhere overseas!!! They charged me $6 for a new card which I'm not activating already have everything being sent to another checking account b/c i refuse to let them take anymore of my hard earned money. I have never had a bank tell me they have to investigate Wells Fargo gives me my money right back!!! Whatever happened to the customer is always right??? ADP is a scam and my employer can't do anything about it, it's bull!!! They need to be shut down. I faxed my form in...they didn't recieve it but I have a fax confirmation so what now...I will be filing a complaint with the BBB and FTC becuase this is ridiculous.

  • Su
      27th of Dec, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I was getting ready to travel on vacation so i thought it would be smart move to update my passsword and pin number on my adp card. Little did i know the whole process would now case my card to be locked down for 24 hours even though I had entered the correct information and answer the security questions.
    When I callled adp customer service was told she would unlock my card by i would be unable to check my balance or change my password until the 48 hours had expired. What a jam! Now i have to travel with a "guestimate" of my balance and can't check to see where my funds stand while being away from home.
    I am seriuously thinking about writing the ceo of Caseys General Store and informating him of my complaint an the numereous others that have been shared with my by other employees.
    adp PAY CARDS sUCK!!

  • Da
      24th of Feb, 2013
    0 Votes
    Money Network / Metabank - Return of Funds /Fraudulent Activity
    Money Network
    7000 Goodlett Farms Pkwy.Suite 200
    United States
    Phone: (888) 913-0900

    I filed a dispute for $362 months ago, and included all the information i had, including a police complaint # at that time. I was denied because i didnt have a completed police report, and because the person who removed the funds had a secondary card attached to my account. I explained to money network that i had never given this cardholder permission to transfer funds, and i wouldnt have lost this money if i hadnt had to repeat all my account information, including my account # and security codes to their agent because money network had changed the "sign in" format for online banking. My identity was copied by this person, who was in the next room when i was talking to the agent, and was copied and used to obtain the money by fraudulent means. I have since appealed, sending a completed police report, to the dispute dept. Who not only have refused to return my calls to them, but have failed to act in any manner to resolve the issue. I should have had "provisional credit" while this matter was handled, considering this company is fdic insured. The only person that has helped in all of this is a representative from metabank, the parent company, who sent a request for disposition to theit "acceleration team"

  • Sa
      5th of Sep, 2013
    0 Votes

    I am having a problem understanding why my account say there isn't any pending transition going into my account I have plans is weeke nd thus really about to bug me

  • Ly
      27th of Dec, 2013
    0 Votes

    Does anyone know how i can activate my card? Every time i try it says "this card cant be activated". I'm about to rip my hair out.

  • Ad
      30th of Apr, 2014
    0 Votes

    Clearly - - - it looks as though 'adp' is not only fraudulently charging customer accounts 'fee's, and more 'excessive fees' for ridiculous things. . . A class action will be pending. It appears as though adp is also fraudulently 'using customer funds' for their own benefit and in order to do so - - places many customer funds on 'hold' while they use other customer 'funds' - - - they must 'hold' the other customer funds - - - these are the funds they use to pay their 'help' and put in their own pocket.

    This is called a 'ponzi scheme' it is illegal and fraudulent - - - a huge ripoff. Everyone must tell their employers who have insisted they use adp - - - tell your employers about this ponzi scheme and contact your state attorney generals office and file your official complaints. As this is also 'across state lines' and using wire services - - - everyone must also file with the fdc and your states fraud department and online - - - tell your employers payroll department to immediately suspend all accounts with this fraudulent company - - adp - - - while you also file with your state attorney general office. Get checks from your employer and / or open a 'local checkng account' and immediately stop all activity with this company while it is being investigated. Ensure that you have this listed with attorneys - - - and ensure the attorneys do not 'make all the money' - - - but actually include in the class actions that customers - - who were the injured parties are not only paid back for their illegal fees and 'holds' on account funds - - - but that the company 'adp' is also so charged for this massive ponzi scheme fraud - - - that customers receive a large portion of the 'fines to adp in punishment'. . . These companies must be stopped!!

    Get the word out folks - - - - file your complaints against adp with your state attorney generals office and your states fruad department and the fdc. Do this now - - - immediately stop all activity from your employers pay - - - get checks or open local accounts for direct deposit - - - do anything but continue to play along with adp and their excessive fees and 'holds' on your money!! Time to sue these thieves!!

  • No
      11th of Jul, 2014
    0 Votes

    Thank you all for sharing your problems with ADP services. My teenager son was given an envelope regarding applying for a pay check card at his new job. I told my son you don't need this card your have a bank account. I decided to seek out reviews about ADP Total Pay and was floored at the bad services people received from this company. Hopefully my son would be able to opt out and use Direct Deposit or receive a paper check instead and I will definitely be on top of this.

  • Ad
      17th of Jul, 2014
    0 Votes

    Add me to the list of angry customers. My daughter was issued an ADP card for payment from Tommy Hilfiger. She has attempted to use the card countless times at banks, ATM, stores, etc... every time it was denied. When she called ADP, she was told every time that there was no problem on their end, that everything looked fine and to give it a little time and then try again, each time with no luck. Finally I called on her behalf (with her permission) and was told that their was a "hold" on her account and that was the reason for all of the trouble. We were told that there was some kind of discrepancy with her information and in order to get the hold removed, we had to fax a copy of her driver's license and Social Security number, which we were unhappy and uncomfortable doing, but we did as we were told. When the hold was finally lifted, we found that at least $30 was taken off the card for "maintenance fees" due to there being no use on the account. WHAT? Are you kidding me??? We called back several times and talked to someone different each time (Lance, Rose, Lisa, Arnold, Gia-- to name a few) each with a different answer and explanation (of course it was NEVER their fault!). Each time we called we demanded to be put through to someone who could remove the fees. We got the run around every time. We finally called someone from Tommy Hilfiger (Interesting side story-- we found out that Tommy Hilfiger AND Calvin Klein have class action suits against them right now for this very issue) and only then did we get anywhere. Supposedly their contact at ADP has agreed to refund us for the full amount via check. Now we have to write a statement explaining (yet again) everything we've been through and once that happens, they will send our check. It's the farthest we've ever gotten in the last year to getting any of the money owed to my daughter. But I won't hold my breath. We've been burned so many times by this company that I'll believe it only when my daughter has that check safely cashed and we can finally put this nightmare behind us. Through Googling and searching online, I've been able to locate the lawyers in charge of this class action lawsuit against Tommy Hilfiger. You better believe they'll be getting a phone call from me-- Especially after reading the countless complaints of people going through the same exact thing that we are.

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