Adidas International Trading / false advertising

Durban, South Africa

I walk into your adidas gateway shopping center store on the 12th January 17-30pm staff member says that a lot of merchandise is on sale between 30 and 50% off so I look around. I find a black runners jacket with a red sale tag stapled to the price but without the discounted price on it ( many other items in the store had the same blank red sale ticket on it so I ask the staff member for the sale price, she goes to the back and after a long time a man comes out saying that the jacket is not part of the sale. I tell him what the initial person told of the 30 to 50% discount so I should at least get 30% off, he blatantly with an attitude says that he cannot do anything.
I am on the adidas database and have an adidas card. I have been a loyal supporter of the brand. I feel let down by the brand as the acting manager should have at least offered a discount to make up for the error. The sale tag was not hung on but stapled on so it was couldn't have been just placed on the product
I have pictures of tag and can send you them if you give me an email address

Adidas International Trading
Adidas International Trading

Jan 12, 2019

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