Utsav Fashion Complaints & Reviews

UtsavFashion / I will not buy from this store again!

Nov 17, 2016

I have ordered a dress from UtsavFashion online store. I paid $90 for my dress and I expected high quality. When my dress arrived I was shocked because it did not look anything like pictures on their website, it was made from a different material. Dress was terrible and looked ugly. By...

UtsavFashion / Late delivery and incorrect size

Aug 25, 2016

Ordered a dress from UtsavFashion about two months ago and just received it. These two moths I have been trying to contact UtsavFashion customer service, but never received a reply. They were ignoring all my messages. I had no idea what was going on and there was no way to reach these...

Utsavsarees / Used clothing

Aug 05, 2016

I have purchased two dresses from and my dresses arrived in a terrible condition. Both dresses looked worn and were dirty! I did not even try them on because I wasn't planning to wear them. Contacted customer service and they recommended me to keep the dresse... / Lack of customer support

Apr 26, 2016

Had very terrible experience with Utsavfashion and want to warn everyone that this is not a reliable company. Ordered several pieces of clothing and everything was two or even three sizes smaller! Customer service did not help, they did not even answer my messages and I was stuck with... / Bad-quality sarees and they didn't look alike as on the photos

Sep 03, 2015

People, don’t trust the company I have bought sarees from them, because they looked great on the pictures and the description was impressive. However, the seller posted fake photos and description on purpose, because his sarees were bad-quality and looked completely opposite...


Jan 02, 2014

I have paid and placed and order via the online shopping three months ago goods still not received. I have been exchanging mails but they copy and paste the same replies. I have asked to speak to the MD they tell me that they are not allowed to give that info. If this company is so open why can...

Utsav Sarees / Poor quality

Mar 22, 2013

I have been ordering from Utsav since 2010. I live in the US and generally order sarees for my Mom in India. My mom has always said that the sarees do not look "new" and seem to be washed. In 2011, she complained that Item no. SLDFO352 had small oily looking patches on the fabric.I...

Utsav Fashion / Horrible Service and Wrong items sent

Mar 16, 2013

I placed an order for three outfits. I asked that they be size 36. The first one was sent out and it was a size 28. There was not enough fabric to make it 36 inches. My other two outfits took another month to be sent out. I had told them multiple times at this point to ensure that they do...

Utsav Fashion / defected saree

Mar 15, 2013

Utsav FashionI bought a saree from utsav fashion, the saree was shown as peach color but turned out to be orange, but the real disaster was when i opened the saree it had a blue patch in the middle which was not shown or described on there website. it looks horrible and it makes draping the saree very...

Utsav Sarees / Fraud

Feb 12, 2013

I bought 3 lehengas online initially-after a few weeks, they cancelled 2 lehengas from the order and wanted to susbtitute it with lehenga of their choice. The finally sent the third lehenga which they had messed up the size by making waist and hips 8 inches lesser than provided and reduced...

Utsav Fashion / Shamefully Poor Customer Service

Jan 04, 2013

OMG I never put up reveiws EVER, but this group got on my nerves so badly that i could not stop myself from writing in. I am so so so very disappointed with them i cannot even explain. I am furious with them. I placed an order for 5 items. 4 of which got delivered without the extra free...

Utsav Fashion / No refund received for the order cancelled


I had ordered a lehenga online for Rs 20, 350 from Utsav Fashion on 3rd Dec 2012 & later cancelled on 8 Dec 2012. I was told that it take 2 working days for processing refund. However it has been 15 days and i have yet not received a refund on Rs 20350. Also i tried reaching call centre... / Junk junk junk... they sell junk


I bought sari because it looked beautiful in the picture. when i received it..piece of junk. they didn't make the blouse as requested. Plus i had pay $40 for the custom tax. I am so disappointed. I ordered for the first time on line and was excited about. have a big wedding coming up...

Utsav Fashions / Dishonest .Frauds Frauds!!!


I bought a anarkali suit from Utsav and paid NZ$300. When I recd the item, I was appalled, it seemed like a second hand item, so untidy and the quality and stitching were hopeless. So I complained and was asked to send the item back and was promised that I will receive a full refund. After...

Utsav Fashion / FRAUD / SCAM


STAY AWAY - SHOP ELSEWHERE - UTSAV FASHION IS FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD!!! I purchased a saree for my mother for my wedding - it wasn’t cheap $260 AUD. When I received it, I was so disappointed, shocking quality and came with a ready made blouse in the incorrect size. After contacting UTSAV, they...

Utsav Fashion - Poor quality control on shipped items / Wrong Sizes shipped


I ordered a couple of salwar suits for a family celebration of the same size. When the items were shipped they sent incorrect sizes that could not be worn. The size were short several inches preventing from being put to the right use. This has happened twice. It seems that their tailor... / order delayed


I contemplated ordering from this website for a long time but eventually I gave in because I was not liking what my mother was buying for me in India. I figured if I purchased a saree online it will be my choice. I did read a lot negative reviews but I wanted to give them a chance anyway...

Utsav Fashion / Cheaters but nothing else


Hi, This people are absolutely fraud.i am saying this out of my own personnel experience. I ordered it and they won't send me any thing even after one month if I try to contact them they always say one item is ready and other is damaged we will take one more week to ship or proce...

Utsav Sarees / Fraud/Scam


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T BUY FROM THIS PLACE. There's no reason to even buy once. These dresses are hundreds of dollars. They're a scam. They should be shut down. India can manufacture great products and doesn't need this place to peddle garbage and cheat people...

Utsav Sarees / I deserve this


I deserve this. I ignored all of the negative comments on the net, warnings from friends and went and paid a ransom to these people. What a business ? You show a beautiful product and tempt me with 'want this ? want to buy this ?', and I say 'Yes, I want it, here is the...

Utsav Sarees / Bad service


Despite my better judgement I placed an order with Utsav sarees. Everyone deserves a second chance. Not this company I paid a lot of money for a printed saree with “matching blouse” the printed saree turned up however the blouse was a plane black boring bit of work with no...

Utsav Fashion / Fraud of 149.00 dollers


HI, I placed order with Utsav (on 18 June 2010) on their website of 149.00 dollars for woman’s traditional apparel.I ordered their items only because of their express delivery option (which says ships in 2 to 3 days). because my in law’s were visiting me first time to...

Utsav Sarees / Fraud/Poor Customer Service


Utsav SareesDear All, I advise all of you to be aware of fraudulent and poor customer service. First of all, I ordered a raw silk Kurta-pyjama and it was supposed to be shipped in 10 days but it took 1 month. Fine, i was not in a rush and so i don't care. However, I expected to receive what i...

UTSAV Saree / dishonest_lying about shipping date over and over


All of the customers complains about UTSAV is making sense now. I have placed an order about 4 weeks ago for an event i am going to attend and wanted to make sure i get the sarees ahead of time. So i choose the sarees that were available to be shipped within 5 days. everytime i checked...

Utsav Sarees / Poor Service and Cheaters


Oreder the product on Feb 1st for my moms birthday on March 15th. Clearly told them that i want it by march 15th and followed up up to 5 times. On March 7th I receive an email saying the product is damaged and that I could select an alternate product but I wanted my money back. I have not got my product or refund till date!!!

UTSAV / Very Disappinting promotion, products and service


VERY DISAPPOINTING PROMOTION, PRODUCTS AND SERVICE I recently attended the UTSAV sari showcase that took place in London 30th Jan – 1st Feb. I was very excited about the event, as there were many items that I was interested in spending a huge amount of money on. When I got an email...

Utsav Sarees / reckless


hi i bought a dress for my birthday, but the dress did nt fit me because of ill fitting measurements. whenever i mail them or chat online, they ask me check the size once again. no one is available to take the complaint, fed up of trying. i wasted including shipping fee. i cant even wear...

Utsav Sarees / wasted my 125 dollar


hi dont buy from utsav. i wasted so many dollars due to their negligence. they spoiled my birthday dress with ill fitting measurements. i also paid the shipping fee which is a total waste. i wasted 125 dollar because of the stupid site. the delivery also takes 2 months and still such a bad...

Utsav Sarees / Charged for items that did not ship


I ordered 5 sarees from this seller from their website on March 23rd, 2009. As of October 28th, I have still not received one of them. I have been in contact with the revolving door of customer service people via email and they will not refund me, send me another saree, or at this point...

Utsav Sarees / Problems with Website


I have been trying to access their website for over a day now and i keep getting the "page load error." I have emailed but there has been no response. could you please look into this? other people are having the same problems. Also, i have ordered from them before and they are great. they are NOR FRAUD. Whoever said that is nonsense. / Utsav Sarees are the Biggest Cheaters of Online and did not come back


UTSAV SAREES ARE THE BIGGEST CHEATERS.I STRONGLY SUGGEST NOT BUY ANY THING FROM THE UTSAV. I made order for three dresses a two months ago. They have send to me only two dresses till now and that too with such a bad stiching i have ever seen. The dresses which i have received doesn't... / Fraud


The salwar kameez /saree blouses were not stitched properly. The worst stitching ever. The quality of customer service is bad. You have to harras them for an answer. I don't trust them to refund my money ever. The one saree I recieved was substitute item 3 because they are good at...

Utsav Sarees / Poor customer service


I am very happy with Utsav Sarees, All the product are very beautiful I always suggest others to shop at but I am very angry with their customer service their talking behaviour is not so good. They should try new experienced team for customer service. I have more...