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I purchased some clothes from the store of "adidas" situated in Civil Lines, Roorkee, Haridwar, Uttarakhand.
when next day i went to change my T-Shirt due to the inappropriate stuff, the sales person refuses to do so, and tell us that the items purchased under discount period can not be exchanged.
We are saying to only exchange and not to cash back, but he did not listen a thing of our.

Kindly take some action in favor of our complaint.
Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely,

Ankit Saini
Mob:- +[protected]

  • Ja
    jasdeep singh marwaha Mar 23, 2012

    Hi sir/madam,
    first of all i just want to make it clear that i am not a beligerant kind of person, this is a very genuine complaint, thats why posting it, hoping somebody will be listening. My mother has just retired after a long govt. job and was planning for an eniterly new life schedule including a good walks in the morning, the best choice of foot wears would always be ADIDAS. She went to chandigarh 17 sector showroom, selected one of the pairs of nice sports shoes, costing around rs.6500/-. While trying these shoes, she complained that the shoes are biting her fingers, she need a biger number than 7. The showroom guys took some time and gave her a new pair of shoes. My mother didnt check, she wore those shoes and tried, and then compained about that biting again, the showroom guys made clear that this is a bigger number and futher increasing the size will anyways give her more discomfort. she admitted reluctantly, made the payments and came out of showroom, walking around the market, the shoe bite on her fingers became severe. My mother checked the shoes number and it was still 7. smaller size than she demanded. she went back to showroom and complained, the showroom guys said the bigger number is out of stock. Now that was terrible, if those guys didnt have demanded size, then why did the lie and gave her same number??? So they appologised and said that all they could do is give her some other model of shoes. She checked the whole rack and could, nt get a anything of her choice but in any case what could she do? the bills paid are always not refundable just like we cant make a dead person alive again, and the expressions on the showroom guys are so grave after mistake that she chose anything that was looking ok, and costed her 8000, rs 1500/- more than bill paid. Anyways this part is done, my mother called me up on the showroom itself earlier before the incident as she wanted to purchase me a nice sweater as a gift of her retirement. I went to the showroom where she explained me all the incident, . i found this not very much terrible, we are humans and mistakes are meant to be done, no issues, I selected a sweater for me costing around rs 1800/- ( i guess), So we paid a total of about rs 10, 000/-.
    I didnt wear that sweater for 1 month as winter got delayed this time, perhaps due to global warming or waste coming out of your factories :P, just kiding.. Anyways, i wore that sweater for about 3 time, and i notices that the stuff started sagging, sleaves sagged to about half inches, color got faded and even wool got wrecked.
    I went to the showroom again, and told them this problem. The sweater was the freshest stock in that season and even the same replicated were still present in the hanger. The person on cash zone asked me for the bill of the sweater. I told him, i dont have, perhaps i lost, So he replied in that case, he cant do anything. I pointer to the new stock and told him that i have a tentative idea of date of purchase, on this he replied that this is not possible, he cant check older bill records and nothing can be done.
    @#$% not here i am again stuck, why dont adidas provide a free advise to the customers, not to lose bill and keep is safe just like your birth certificate, or hire a bank locker and keep that bill there or laminate that bill and stick it on your chest, ., I am confused. If the casheier has access to create a new bill and print bills, then why cant he look into older bill, , even bill that is 1 month old, ... On one hand IRCTC (A GOVT. AGENCY) is trying to restrict the use of paper while prining e-tickets and they are accepting even if we remember PNR, and you are having a well established private business and you can avoid usage of paper. isnt that funny,
    Issues are still pending, then i demanded complaint register, on that the cashier told that feedback forms/complaint register are closed before 7 PM and it was now past 7... The guy was looking like a donkey to me whose path has been guided by sticks on his bumps.
    $%^& some people say its 2012 and the end of the humans racein near. I usually refuse to believe this, but i believe that even if the human race persists, its the end of humanity.

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Resolved creating noise while walking

I had bought adidas shoes from the adidas shoes showroom at oberoi mall, goregaon (east), mumbai, india by paying Rs.4, 000/-. However, since last month, the shoes are making a great noise while walking which make me embarrassed at the office and public places. The other people also get disturbed by this. The same become a reason of laughter and humiliation for me among the people. It appears that the product sold to me is not upto the mark and a defective piece. Kindly do the needful so the other people may not suffer.- Kamlender meena ( Income Tax Inspector), Room No.501, Income Tax Hostel, Yashodham, Goregaon (East), Mumbai-400063. contact no.[protected]

Resolved intent to cheat consumer

Adidas outlet store located in South Lake Tahoe (2062 Lake Tahoe Blvd 96156) set up a tent right next to...

Resolved faulty products

$240 rrp soccer boots broke after 2 months of use, i used to have no name brands of boots that would last 4-5 years before showing any sign of damage form wear and tear...my advice is steer clear of overpriced, poor quality goods from the big companies like adidas and nike, they simply arent worth the time or money, not to mention they exploit third world countries to produce their products...ill definitely be getting a pair of no name brands in future

Resolved poor quality

Bought a pair of black tennis shoes from adiddas showroon in chennai citi centre in mylapore ...originally made by Lakhani shoes ..."what is wrong people " this is supposed to be ADIDAS the best brand ive ever know "
why find a maker who cant deliver your standards .. the show did not last 3 months all sides ripped off looks like a fake pair of addidas every on asked if i picked it up road side not worth 1099 rs

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soccer boots not durable

I would like to bring under addidas attention that I am a 27 yr old lady wearing a size 3 soccer boot.I weigh 60 Kg and is 1.5m plz addidas do make sure that the junior soccer boots are also made of durable material. I am heavy on my size 3 boots I go through 3 pairs of boots per season. wouldnt mind paying more for beter quality.

  • Sh
    Shubham Aggarwal Oct 28, 2009

    After wearing the shoes, it becomes difficult and very uncomfortable to walk and after some time the feet starts paining. The result is that after about 1 hour I have to remove the shoes.

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  • Ja
    Janet butler Aug 31, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Bought boots on the 8th August, only started to wear them early Sept once rugby training started now have a hole in each toe. please e mail [email protected]

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Resolved falling apart

I bought a pair of adidas devotion running shoes and paid over 100$ for them less than 3 months ago and they are already falling apart. The fabric on the outside is ripping apart and there is a hole all the way through. I would not recommend anyone buying a pair of these since they don't even last as long as my other pair of 10$ shoes from walmart.

falling apart

Resolved itchy armpits

I bought Adidas roll on antiperspirant deodorant because I was sick of the stupid upside down lynx deodorant that leaked everywhere. My armpits itch insanely when I wear the Adidas deodorant. What can I wear?

premature failure of basket ball shoes

had bought one pair basketball shoes adidas/thriller/go8258/12 for Rs 5799/- on 25 sep 09 from Adi sports(india)pvt ltd., b-13 connaught place new delhi-110 001.
deposited the shoes with adidas shoeroom in south extn against customer complaint form dated 16 feb 10 stating that toe is coming off. till date the replacement shoes have not been supplied.
infact for the first 30 days no response came and then one fine day, the warranty claim was rejected without returning the shoes stating that it was a case of fair wear and tear.
several emails have also been sent to customer service, but the only response received is that it is being investigated.
would like to go to the consumer forum so that no other customer is taken for a ride by reputed companies like adidas.

Resolved pianfull shoes

I bought a shoe of brand Adidas from CSD defence HQ canteen in the month of feb. Its market price is INR 2900/-. Its description is as follows –

Name : training
FTY no. : LTH014001
Art no. :336100
Mfg. : 10-09

Since I brought these shoes I feel very uneasy after putting on. When I put-on these shoe my toe of left leg start aching badly after half an hour or so, and I start waiting for my end of duty hours so that I get rid of these shoe. Now you can imagine in how much pain I passed these couple of month, in waiting that the time will come when these shoes will get shape of my leg. I am very upset after buying it. I lost believe on Adidas company. If the company will not look into this matter I’ll be force to file a suite at consumer forum.

Parivesh Malviya
d-49a, retreat appt,
New Delhi-92
Mob) +[protected]
Email- [protected]@indiatimes.com

Resolved itches and creates dark patches when applied

I bought Adidas legend branded deodorant from ShengShong supermarket (Singapore branch near West Coast Community Centre ), after using it i felt itchy, not only that but after continued use, i realised that it developed a darker patch under my armpits. I have used various kinds of deodorants before but never had any known alergy against any common contents in it. The said product is made in Thailand. And i find the product must have some content not good for skin, people may not use this product. i have also used other Adidas deodorants before in India but this one surely has some problem.

Resolved product defect

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been quite fond of your apparels and accessories since childhood. My regards for your brand are quite high. But very recently I was quite hurt with a bad experience at one of the stores in Bandra, Mumbai. (Matrix Sports Mkt (P) Ltd, Shop No – 5, Swarma Rekha Bldgs, Khar. Mumbai).

I bought a T-shirt on 4th February, 2010 worth Rs. 1084.30 during a sale period. Original cost of the T-shirt is Rs. 1549 (Product description – L-GT CAT 2/614150) (Bill No. - SC9/3151).

After two washes it shrunk. The store manager denied replacing it. If this is the attitude with regular consumers then I guess we have to think twice entering in your outlets again.

I left the T-shirt at your store as I can’t use it anymore. But I am quite hurt with such a treatment.


Sameer Mangtani

Femina (World Wide Media)

+91 [protected]

  • Sa
    Sanjay Kanth Sep 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    issued one cheque against credit card no. 4377 4865 0408 7774, on 27/8/8 & the same was dropped in manesar(Gurgaon) branch by our runner. till date the same is not recd by the SBI card divison

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  • An
    ANIRBAN SARKAR Sep 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer





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manufacturing defect

I purchased a pair of shoes from Adidas showroom.

At the time of purchase there was a loose thread at the top of the shoe when I purchased it which, as the shoe was used, kept coming out. As a result of which, the knitting on the top of shoe started coming off. Now there's a hole on the top of the shoe.

I took the shoe to the store I had purchased it from, and a complaint was registered (scanned copy of Complaint Form attached). However, the store reported to me that the company representative has flatly refused to consider the complaint, as he thinks it wasn't a manufacturing defect. The shoe wasn't even taken to the company head-office/factory, but was rejected at the store itself.

Coming from a company with as high a repute as Adidas, the inconsiderate act of their representative was a bit of a shock. I, as a loyal consumer of the brand, expected the company to trust me to be not complaining on a false ground. I purchased the shoe, even with the thread protruding out, as I thought being an Adidas product assures me of the quality of the same.

However, the brand failed me on few counts:
1.) The quality of the shoe- The shoe's knitting came off in 40-45 days.
2.) The complaint redressal system- There's no trust put in the consumer. I have been a Adidas buyer for years, and this is the first time I needed to complain, and surely am disappointed with how it was handled.

  • onkar.sandhu Nov 23, 2011

    my self onkar singh sandhu
    from jalandhar
    my complaint manufacturing defect so plz replace my shoes
    adidas showroom in viva colage jalandhar

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  • Ke
    Kenn Cuartero Feb 24, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Is there a way to fix this? Adidas superstar


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Resolved shoes cracked

I've always used to buy Adidas shoes; the last time was since two months, I purchased shoes but now it cracked!! Only after tow months!! It looks awful now!! I get back to the salesman in the store but he refused to help!! Any body here knows what should I do? It coasts me a lot!! And I don't know whom I should get back to??

  • Ra
    rajeev negi Jan 24, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    dear sir
    i have buy a adidas shoes from dehradun store beside windlass shop rajpur dehradun on 15/12/2013 which is defect within a mount
    pls do the replacment ph 9897564980

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Resolved clue let loose

I bought a pair of adidas soccer (Kaiser 5) shoes. The nose of the shoes let loose almost immediately. The shoemaker / shopowner clued it. But it went loose again. Know I have no other choice then to buy new shoes. I prefer adidas but ... . Can someone explain me why the shoes broke down so soon.

Resolved poor quality shoe

I bought a Addidas shoe at Coimbatore India from Skippers, Adidas show room, 144 TV Samy road, R S Puram Coimbatore on 30/6/09. The product code is [protected]. I paid Rs 2599 for it. Within one month the Sole of the shoe started coming off.
What should I do
Anupom Maria

Resolved defect not rectified

Navy blue track pant of adidas purchased from mani square mall (Kolkata-w. Bengal, india) color faded and pant waist stitch came off, I was repeatedly harassed for there poor
Commitment of not rectifing the defect for 50 days.
Then to my service the sent the pant to my house which was
Cut and torn on stitch areas. Now, again I deposited the pant with the store (21/08/09), again the are streching the problem.
Even marketing head also no the story.
Pant code no 031490
I want replacement of my track pant.
My contact : namit [protected]

  • Ki
    Kimoskeriakos Nov 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear sir/madam,
    My name is kamal i'm egyptian and I love soccer which I play for more than 8 hours daily. i've just bought an europass football about 3 months ago, and the outside layer knits were starting to cut. now the more I play with the football, the more knits are cut. please answer back as soon as possible because I am addicted to adidas, and I won't be happy to buy from any other brand

    My mobile number is:0126253673
    yours faithfully,

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  • Ni
    niranjan kumar palla Sep 07, 2011

    I kept this mail to [email protected], they asked to send photographs, I mailed them from there, no response from company, this is very worst thing they did, so I suggest you all friends to not to use adidas products.

    I purchased "s ess basic cap" dark nay colour from your adidas outlet at atmakuri enterprises, door no 47-10-24/25, 2nd lane, dwarakanagar, visakhapatnam-16, andra pradesh, india on 29-03-2017 item code is v35802, the top color is fully faded in 2 months, I request you to do kinldy replace my cap, I met the shopkeeper and he suggested me to inform to [email protected] kinldy help me.

    Cap particulars:
    Mod s ess basic cap
    Pdt cap
    Gen unisex
    Art v35802
    Col dark navy / altitud
    Mat 100% cotton
    Mfgdate 01/11
    Circumfrence 57cm
    Mrp rs 499

    I am having the bill copy also.


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  • sellanarayanan Nov 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear sir

    The adidas company send me the mail of I have win the money of 690000 gbpref number: adasc/9499ok6/393/adcp
    Batch number: 7/20/0055
    Ticket number: 025-110003847-110 members of the affiliate agencies are automatically not allowed to participate in this program. promo customers service: +44- 7014233687members of the affiliate agencies are automatically not allowed to participate in this program. promo customers service: +44- 7014233687
    mr. fesama jim
    Transfer director manager hsbc international banking uk
    Email: mr. [email protected]
    Phone: +44-7014233687

    as on date they are cheated and fraud not given my money for this I loss 8 lakhs rupees by there indian agents so I need solution for this and I believe lord christ is holy man for them why they are played in my life and adidas is fully response for my dead yes on tuesday am going to die a middle class indian family loss 8 lakh rupees and am not able to return for my financiers so I decide to die. if they are real christianity peoples and lord jesus is real they will give solution for me by giving my money to my bank number 910010049615202 axis bank bank swift codeaxisinbb068 name of sellanarayanan so my family will get happy but not me if they are real and they are believing jesus means they want to call me within 24 hrs to stop my dead otherwise lord jesus will defintly punish them for cheate my life am also believer of god and faith is god so god will reply by adidas peoples.

    Sellanarayanan 09347140809

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  • Wa
    Warren M Sep 17, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went to an adidas shop with my wife in hong kong at the sogo department store at the evening of 17 september 2017, I am shocked by what we have experienced when the staff there haven't got a clue what they're doing. no service at all whatsoever! bad attitude and totally unhelpful!

    You guys are just wasting money to hire superstars to pose for your tv ad, as no one will purchase any of your goods if this is such a poor shopping experience at adidas.

    If you guys are serious with your business and really would like your customer to enjoy shopping with you, I suggest you looking into your staff on duty at that evening whose name is "ching" with a surname of chan.

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  • Sn
    S Nagarajan Oct 28, 2014

    I bought a adidas bag 2 months ago and i still have the bill and the bill number is sc1235 and the eancode 4054708716011 and the product number 06/14 m67829 00l001 . the problem is the back strid is completly torn off . and at the bottom the skin started pealing off. when i bought this bag they said if there is some problem you can exchange it and i thought it would be simply easier but for exchanging this i took lots of eforts still i didnt get any replies of my quaries. Even i started posting my complaints in all sorts of adidas websites but still i dnt know wether some one's taking atmost care of their costmers and reading their complaints. i just want to replace my bag. Atleast someone one respond for this .


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Resolved Inadequate training

Why on earth would I want to try on a pair of Adidas trainers which aren't my size. I'm expected to part company with 50 euros, and they attempt to cajole me into trying on a size smaller or a size bigger. Bunyons or blisters, it makes no difference to us. Just give us the money.
All I can say is well done Adidas, Bratislava division for failing to give adequate training to your employees in footcare etiquette.

Mr I am never going to set foot in your footcare shop again.

Resolved adidas watches

dear fellow citizens of the world, i bought a beautiful sports watch from the adidas brand. amazingly anounced with lots of features and design, the only thing missing, was the fact that if you tried to use it, you wood have to carry it within the original globe because it falls apart in a few months. the rubber bracelets must be made of sugar and cream, because the break easily, suspiciously easy to me. and the best part is that you have to wait 60 days or more for an answer. there are no parts support and the prices, well, let's just say that a reasonable hand made leather bracelet by the swiss company hirsh costs about 20 euros. can you imagine the price of the sugar and cream bracelet price? well, neither can i, but the man in the store where i bought the piece told me to expect more tha 75 euros, because it comes directly from the factory, and the brand does not extend the warranty to defective bracelets or to bracelets at all. i have a few watches and none has given me more trouble than this one. in nine months i had a shattered bracelet, a battery dead and a crazy situation of stopping running the time wich the seller told me it was on the acount of the crown being a few millimeters out and proposed me the job of cutting it a little bit, that person didn't took the time to see that it was a feature of the watch that starts and stops the chronometer. the bracelets on my other watches, some with more than 8 years old, are in a good shape given the case that some of them due to the usage have lost part of their metal coloration. and the have chinese rubber bracelets. adidas no more. since the day you took your company's to the east in search of bigger profits you shot your own feet. the quality and support are as i discribed and the quality is a lot worse and it costs more than it did when you produced most of your products in europe. then, adidas had a quality policy on the higgest level, now they only see the color of the money, sad but true.

  • Ma
    mark1987 Feb 01, 2010

    Couldn't agree more.

    I have an Adidas digital watch (model: adp1631). The bracelet on one side came loose from the watch within the first few months. After gluing it back together the other side did the same thing. After fixing both sides the bracelet itself has become cracked and is bound to break in half soon.

    I paid good money for this watch at least $100 AUD.

    What a shame I really liked the look of this watch. If I didn't I wouldn't have bothered fixing it.

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Resolved football boots torn

dear adidas i am writing to you to let you know that i have been using ure boots 4 years and recently i...