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Adidas / adidas watches

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dear fellow citizens of the world, i bought a beautiful sports watch from the adidas brand. amazingly anounced with lots of features and design, the only thing missing, was the fact that if you tried to use it, you wood have to carry it within the original globe because it falls apart in a few months. the rubber bracelets must be made of sugar and cream, because the break easily, suspiciously easy to me. and the best part is that you have to wait 60 days or more for an answer. there are no parts support and the prices, well, let's just say that a reasonable hand made leather bracelet by the swiss company hirsh costs about 20 euros. can you imagine the price of the sugar and cream bracelet price? well, neither can i, but the man in the store where i bought the piece told me to expect more tha 75 euros, because it comes directly from the factory, and the brand does not extend the warranty to defective bracelets or to bracelets at all. i have a few watches and none has given me more trouble than this one. in nine months i had a shattered bracelet, a battery dead and a crazy situation of stopping running the time wich the seller told me it was on the acount of the crown being a few millimeters out and proposed me the job of cutting it a little bit, that person didn't took the time to see that it was a feature of the watch that starts and stops the chronometer. the bracelets on my other watches, some with more than 8 years old, are in a good shape given the case that some of them due to the usage have lost part of their metal coloration. and the have chinese rubber bracelets. adidas no more. since the day you took your company's to the east in search of bigger profits you shot your own feet. the quality and support are as i discribed and the quality is a lot worse and it costs more than it did when you produced most of your products in europe. then, adidas had a quality policy on the higgest level, now they only see the color of the money, sad but true.

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  • Ma
      1st of Feb, 2010
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    Couldn't agree more.

    I have an Adidas digital watch (model: adp1631). The bracelet on one side came loose from the watch within the first few months. After gluing it back together the other side did the same thing. After fixing both sides the bracelet itself has become cracked and is bound to break in half soon.

    I paid good money for this watch at least $100 AUD.

    What a shame I really liked the look of this watch. If I didn't I wouldn't have bothered fixing it.

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