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I have been contracted through Adecco for about a year now, the experience has been horrible - from the beginning to right now. I should have seen the writing on the wall when they gave me the wrong time for my interview. Thankfully I was not the first interviewer they had sent over and my now-company was very understanding, saying that they had given all of the job seekers the wrong time, despite my company trying to correct it multiple times. They also quoted me the wrong amount for my hourly pay, so I was disappointed when I received my first pay check and discovered it was quiet a bit smaller than I'd been anticipating. as much as I love my job now, if I'd have known the actual wage then, I doubt I would have accepted the offer.

Multiple times over the past year I have had my paychecks missed. I have had to call and email every time for multiple days just to get a response. And when I do, no one ever knows what's going on. The worst example was when I had a missed paycheck for three weeks and was unable to get in touch with anyone despite leaving multiple voicemails and sending tons of emails to all the contacts I had. They eventually called me back and 'apologized' that it had taken them so long to get back to me, saying that all of my voicemails were going to a phone they didn't use...i had been calling the number listed on their website and every employees email signature, so I find that very odd.

Perhaps part of their problem is that they cannot seem to keep anyone employed. In the year that I have been with them I have had at least 5 or 6 different account managers come and go. At this point I have no idea who my point of contact is.

The most recent example of their incompetence was just this week: my job offered me a promotion. Adecco contacted me and let me know and I told them I had several questions before I accepted. Instead of answering my questions, they emailed my contingent labor group and told them I accepted, without ever even contacting me back! It took me two days tp get through to then again that I needed my questions answered before I could accept anything. I received one email saying they would look into it two days ago, and since then not a word, despite me attempting to contact them via phone and email multiple times.

I know these people work on commission... I've worked on commission before too so I know the appeal of quickly closing a deal and moving on. However these are people's livelihoods that they are messing with.

I still haven't been able to give my company a straight answer, and it's looking like the promotion I was offered might be off the table soon, all because Adecco was unable to pick up a phone.

Needless to say I am EXTREMELY disappointing in this company and will be informing everyone I know to steer clear. Being a manager at a call center I had worked with many different temp agencies before, and none of them were even close to this level of failure.

Nov 07, 2016

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