Adecco / regarding adecco usa [protected]

Stockton, AL, United States

I'm am current/former employee from Stockton California and was having trouble locating an employee Karin a Cruz from the Stockton area and found on the internet her corporate headquarters has been changed to a Switzerland head quarters for some reason when it shouldn't have the brand head quarters was [protected] Adecco in Switzerland. I think a John Dwain Highfill might have infiltrated your company also known as Janet a snowmen a highly trained military expert for the Us he has since 2003 defected and is on the gnu Top 5 most wanted list. [protected] is the swiss number that most likely John Dwain Highfill changed it to. Mommy Dwain might be acting as a corporate boss possible with a another person who I cannot discuss with you at this time. I will notify the Feds about the change this weak. That picture is me on the left. Please forward to an executive officer please.
Devin Joshua Schneider
6644 Leesburg Pl 95207


Jun 12, 2017

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