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M Nov 29, 2017

Ordered this £27.60 cream through this agent (business id [protected]), the cream is called brightening emblica eye cream, I was charged £5.10 for postage but it never arrived at my residence only to find out from this representative (ibo) that "the cream got lost at the post office". As that wasn't enough, later (a month after) she arrived with the cream, I opened the cream to discover, half of it was gone (pictures attached below). I don't know who to turn to as I believe this representative is the culprit as 1. She tricked me with the postage, 2. After she sent me pictures of the cream at her place, she took a month to deliver it. She claims she's "investigating it", but it's all a lie and i've been conned.
This is disgusting and unacceptable.


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