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Acer Computer / service center boycott & late response

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I bought a computer on November 2007 from Acer Computer Singapore Pte Ltd.

Within 5 months the computer is having hardware problems and tried to call their service hotline but there was never any responses for over 2 months.

They replied my case via email but is always a few days later and boycotted the appointment without prior notice on 14 Jun 2008 (today), jeoperdizing my other appointments.

Please look into the issue and take necessary actions.

CaseID: [protected]
Serial: U671535

Mr. Foo

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  • Jo
      16th of Jun, 2009
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    I have very bad experience with ACER with regards to their customer service
    or technical support.

    I bought a new desktop and use it for barely about 7 months then a problem
    came up.

    The problem was that the PC would hang halfway while using. Tried to
    restart the pc and the screen went blank while the hardware is running.
    Called up ACER and after trouble shooting, they decide to send an engineer
    to repair. The engineer came and said that the contacts between the
    graphics card and motherboard was oxidised. So he used an eraser and did
    some rubbing. Well thankfully this works fine.

    Unfortunately, the pc started to hang after 4 months of low usage. Called
    up ACER and the customer service's attitude was poor. An appointment with
    the engineer was made. The engineer came and said that motherboard had some
    problems and decided to replace it. He tested it and it was fine and left.
    But after one hour, the pc started to hang once again. Called up ACER and
    they said that I should do a system restore back to factory settings and
    suggested using the Alt F10. Too bad, the pc hangs halfway while doing it.
    The customer service then said that the earliest appointment would be next
    week. Therefore I have to wait for another week before an engineer came to
    fix the problem.

    The engineer came the next week and this time, he said that the motherboard
    was faulty once again and replace it once again. He left and this time,
    guess what. Oh the pc hangs again after one hour. Called up ACER again,
    immediately they called up the engineer and said that the engineer would
    call me later. The engineer called and asked about the problems, he said
    not to bother about doing anything as the hard disk is faulty. And he would
    come in the evening to change it. Evening came and he came to replace the
    hard disk. Oh how great it was, I was thinking, this should fixed the
    problem. OH MY GOD, the pc can only be used for one hour again. And the
    customer service is closed for the day.

    Called up ACER the next day, Saturday, and they arrange for the engineer to
    come on Monday. So hopefully the engineer is going to fixed the problem once and for all.
    Another engineer came and said that he would bring the pc back to the service centre to do the repair.
    One week later, he brought back the pc and it was working fine. After 10 days, the pc hangs again.

    My overall experience is terrible. Could you imagine how long I have to be
    on the phone to solve this problem? How many times of happiness and sadness
    that I have to go through? How many times do I have to call up ACER to fix
    the problem? How many restarting and waiting of the pc do I have to do?
    Just not sure, how long do ACER need to fix the problem? This is a total
    waste of time and resources on both me and ACER. I think, they are just delaying the problem
    and wait for the warranty to end.

    My advise for all: Although ACER has got good value for money products and
    relatively cheaper than others on the market. Consider really hard before paying for trouble as the
    customer service and technical support is so much poorer as compared to

    A very disappointed ACER user...

  • Pa
      8th of Jun, 2009
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    I bought an Acer laptop in Spring of 2008 but one day, while i was charging my laptop while surfing the internet, I suddenly smelled plastic burning & thought it was coming from outside of the house, then my finger accidentally touched the connection between the pin & the adaptor plug, it was so hot that i got burned & realized my laptop literally caught on fire although i only see smokes while witnessing the melting part of the case around the pin & a burned hole was formed. Looking back, I was extremely lucky because I was physically there to take in control of the situation and quickly unplug the power supply & shut down the laptop computer & actually placed in an empty room worrying if it was going to catch a serious fire or even explosion. I have immediately contacted Acer's Tech Support & they did manage to send a courier to pick up & took bit ack for evaluation. However, when I called & complained, I told them I either want my money back or at least a new replacement unit because obviously the unit was either a defected unit or a poorly made unit. However, after the evaluation, they sent the same laptop back with no explanation & simply stated 3 parts were changed (the case that was burned through, the pin and the fan) & actually accused me of pressing the LCD screen(???). After numerous of calls to their Service 2 Tech Support & finally got escalated to Corporate Customer Care today, Betsy still refused to issue me an apology letter nor willing to simply replace the defected (poorly made) unit. ACER should be ashamed of themselves. Who in their right mind is going to use that same laptop again knowing only 3 small parts have been replaced. How can anyone in their right minds to use the same laptop while only 3 simply parts were replaced... There was no explanation or an apology letter or a Re-assurance Letter to state that their product has been re-certified and deemsed SAFE to use. None of that was demonstrated. Acer obviously has no shame & doesn't step up & admit their computer quality control has failed them badly. Acer is using its customers as ginny pigs because they said.. "why don't you try using it & if "IT" happens again, call us back". - Therefore, BE AWARE... be VERY aware if you should choose to buy an Acer product. They do not care nor take any responsibility and their service after you bought their products... you can just forget about it.. WHAT SERVICE? there was NONE! They just don't care enough. SAD & this company should be boycotted

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