Ace Hardware / poor quality

I recently bought a long handled shovel at the Firestone Co Ace Hardware store. When I tried to use the shovel, it was so flemsy that it was barely usable. It is supposed to be a hardened and tempered shovel, but was of very poor quality. My work background is over 30 years as a manufacturing engineer and tool and diemaker, so I know something of metalurgy and hardening of metals. When the shovel proved to be unsatisfactory, my intention was to purchase their most industrial grade shovel, and return the shovel I had for
credit against the more expensive shovel. The customer service rep at the store refused to do anything on my behalf, despite my belonging to there regular buyers value club. I spend money regularly at this store for assorted houseware items, and will no longer do business with them. When I contacted the corporate customer service, they as well had no interest in standing behind their product. Let the buyer beware when dealing with the Ace Hardware company.


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