Ace Hardwarepets drugged out of consciousness

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I recently visited Ace Hardware and now I cannot sleep from the nightmare that unfolded while I was there. The Pet Department was filled with cages of dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, rabbits, etc. They were all sleeping. I clapped at their cages trying for a response from an animal. I barked, meowed and more. Not one animal moved even an eye. Finally a store clerk came over to assist me. He did not understand what I wanted. The clerk opened a cage of a baby rabbit. The animal hung lifeless in his hands and did not move at all. It was drugged beyond any sense of awareness. All the animals appeared this way. Not one cat or dog moved the entire time I stood in front of them.

Who would purchase an animal that has been drugged this way? How can they think it is a marketable item after being drugged like that for who knows how long? Why would the helpful hardware man do this to innocent animals? Shouldn't American companies require some form of standards on the franchises they sell into the international world to make them conform to certain standards? If they don't, they should? People here want to be like the west.

I don't think I can go back to Ace Hardware again without making a scene about the animals being drugged. Can you help me?

  • Updated by Hannah8800 · Jun 08, 2017

    My name is Hannah, widowed for 4 Years now and I have one only Child witch's 19 Years old ..


  • Go
    Gomes Oct 03, 2006

    Ace Hardware, Bethalto Illinois. I was persuaded to purchased 3 gallons of Ace premium paints under the October rebates program by an Ace Salesman. Because it was a better paint and I would save money under the rebate program. He assured me that if I included my sales receipt showing date of purchase, then I would be okay mailing the following day. (Purchase was on Oct. 31). Received a postcard from Ace Rebates on Dec. 1 that my rebate was denied because post mark was after last day in Oct. They also "invited" me to resubmit my rebates claim with any "validating" information. WHAT VALIDATING INFORMATION! They have the receipt that proves I purchased the items in October. I spent over $1500 at Ace this year. NOT ANOTHER CENT!

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  • Pa
    Paul Card Jul 25, 2007

    I just want to say I am severely disappointed in the staff at an Ace Hardware in Plantation, Florida. My daughter was down there on her own with a small baby and called to inquire if someone could refer her to a local plumber when she arrived at home with water spewing out of her water heater this evening (one my husband's advice because Ace here in Jacksonville Beach is always so helpful) and the person at the Ace there told her "they weren't a plumbing referral agency and she would have to look in the yellow pages." Now to be that rude is uncalled for and unnecessary. Ace is supposed to be "Helpful" not "rude." It almost makes me want to take my business elsewhere. We have purchase generators and a multitude of other expensive items for your stores and to have our daughter treated this way is unforgivable when she had no one else to turn to in a very stressful situation after hours. For her this was the last straw of the day because earlier her car had broken down and left her stranded so you can imagine her frustration. I hope Ace doesn't want to be left with the reputation of "Ace--the unhelpful and rude hardware man!!!"

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  • Ch
    Chumley Smithers Sep 19, 2007

    Maybe they didn't know she was your daughter.

    They also probably didn't know that a poor woman on her own with a baby is entitled to special treatment not available to other customers like men, families, etc.

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  • Du
    duffy1947 Dec 18, 2007

    i recently returned a heater to ace hardware because it was not heating like it should. i did not have my receipt. the cashier, vicki, said well the heater i was returning was heating more than the new one i wanted to exchange it for. maury, the supervisor, said ANYTHING TO KEEP YOU HAPPY, and put that old heater back in stock. They returned it to stock, and it was not working right.

    Then, I bought some rug cleaner from them, that was dry cleaner. IT did not work, and it made my eyes red, and burned them. So I took it back, it clost %14.99 and they were going to give me %6.50 back in place of the $14.99. In both cases, I did not have my receipt.

    I have been a customer of ACE for about 10 years and I am pissed about this and I want the whole world to know about it.
    Then, they sold me some asphalt cleaner... or mold cleaner. 30 second stuff. They forgot to tell me that after you put the ### on, and let it sit for 30 seconds, you have to scrub like a banshee to get it to work, then hose it off. Your arm is sore for days.
    I think that the attitude over this whole affair sucks. And I think I have asphalt cleaner that made an oily residue on the asphalt and so I am going to take that back.

    Then, I got coupons in the mail for $5.00 off this and that. I got 3 of them. And I said can I use it on paint that was $4.50 a gallon, down from $20, and they said, well they would have to look at it. Now why send out coupons when they have to approve the damn item you buy. My consumer rights have been violated, and I don't care who knows about it. This store is located at Lakewood, Washington, on Steilacoom Blvd. right near McD's.

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  • B
    b Jul 17, 2008

    They never have anything in stock! THEY SUCK!

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  • Z3
    Z3phyr Nov 19, 2008

    ace hardware : sell first, don't care about after sales
    i had typical experience at ace hardware store in indonesia

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  • Tj
    TJD Jan 02, 2009

    My family has owned an Ace Hardware for over 50 years, we just opened a second store up 3 years ago. Is far as the product, there is some stuff i will vouch for. Not all of it is good, and i will always tell the customer the truth, I'm not going to sell someone a piece of ### just because we make money from it... As far as the return policy, all Ace Hardware's are pretty close to being the same. To give someone half their money back is dumb, and you could probably wright a letter to Ace Corp. and get some sort of compensation. With coupons... If something is on sale the store doesn't have to grant you the Helpful Hardware member coupon, due to the fact that it could force the store to tell the item for below cost. aka, rip the store off, and as using more than one at a time it really depends on the type of coupon. If your ACE doesn't have it in stock, order if off the web site... they will send it to your nearest ace and i don't think you have to pay shipping, you can always contact the people there and have them do it. I've worked at Ace Hardware for 8 years now, yes... i hate it... it's family owned... but when people say "ace hardware : sell first, don't care about after sales" it kinda bothers me, I work my ### off helping customers with ### attitudes because their hot water heater is not working, or their lawn mower doesn't run any more, and i could not care... but i do... The sale is just as important after we get the money as it is before. If the item doesn't work for you, bring it back. It the people at Ace give you a hard time, tell them to just take it back anyways, it's probably policy A and they will get credit for it anyways...

    Sincerely, Helpful Hardware Man

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  • Ne
    Nellie Mar 04, 2009

    On Saturday Feb 14th I went online and ordered a rain harvest barrel for my garden and container plants. Ace Jokeware said from the email and other information that I would get my item in 10-14 days. Also I could check the package progress from My Account on their website. Well days went by and the status had not changed on the website. So I called the number provided. I got someone that spoke English and was surprised. That was the only positive thing though. They told me they didn't know why it had not shipped in two weeks and would have someone call my on Monday. Of course no call even after repeated emails to customer service. I called in and canceled the order. Even if it is more expensive some where else, customer service is worth the extra money. I still want them to contact me and, make it right. The next step is filling a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

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  • Wi
    Wife Jul 06, 2009

    My husband opened an Ace 3 years ago and they offer the best customer service. The community loves them.

    Unfortunately Ace Corporate does not stand behind their people and we will be forced to close our doors due to so many of our dollars wasted at start up by Ace Corporate.

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  • Lo
    Logical21 Dec 23, 2009

    Think Logically. If Ace had 10 plumbers that regularly shop in the store, which one could they refer her to? The other 9 would surely be upset. Also, if the plumber, who is NOT associated with Ace in any way, did a bad job, she would then blame Ace for this and ask them to resolve it because they "referred" her to him. Surely your daughter is smart enough to pick up the yellow pages and call a plumber...that's why you have the yellow pages...duh!

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  • Ji
    Jim73 May 11, 2011

    I wanted to inform someone of the poor customer service that I received at one of Ace's retail locations - Oakwood Ace Hardware (Flowery Branch GA). I came into the store at 4:20 PM Sunday May 1st with a chainsaw that had been serviced and sharpened many times at this same location. When I entered the store I was greated by 2 younger men who instructed me that the person who handled the sharpening of chainsaws was outside watering flowers. I met up with this person outside - I asked "can I get my chainsaw sharpened" - the reply was - "not on Sundays". I thought it was a joke. Apparently it was not... this young man indicated that he was instructed to not service any equipment on Sundays. I explained that I was not looking for a service, only a 5 min. sharpening of my saw. He said, the manager said I can't help anyone with the "shop" work. I explained, but you are watering plants and 2 other employees are standing around waiting on so someone to come in and another lady is up front at the register. There was maybe one other person in the store at this time. I could certainly understand someone coming in to get a tune up or say that an item was not working... but a 5 min sharpening from someone who was watering plants with 3 other employee's standing around. I work for a fortune 100 insurance company and customer service is our top priority. I thought that ACE was the "helpful" hardware place. Now I understand that you are not doing much more to stand out from your competition. I was told to call Kim Anderson (Store Manager) - this was "his / her decision" to not help employees with "service on Sundays". I thought that corporate should know. The funny thing about this is that I saw a $299 tiller that I was going to pick up as well, I guess you know the rest of the story - no $299 sale for ACE. Why should I give you another chance? First of all you need to have employees that are empowered to provide customer service and "BEND" the rules if necessary. I feel that 3 out of the 4 employees were not old enough to use good judgement and the 4th agreed that rule was terrible, but she could not help. It is sad to see that a store that thrives on providing superior customer satisfaction to win over customers has sunk to this low in customer dissatisfaction. Just imagine someone choosing to water plants over providing a 5 min customer service task? This will cost you Thousands, if not millions! I will be sure to share this story with as many people as possible!

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  • Bo
    bobby orlet Aug 08, 2011

    i would like to complaint the area manager of ace hardware bacoor cavite in philipines. Because he's so cruel and he say some badwords in the employee.

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  • Bo
    bobby orlet Aug 08, 2011

    i would like to complaint the area manager of ace bacoor philipines becuase he's so cruel and say some badwords in the employee.

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  • 14
    14505 Aug 11, 2011


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  • Mi
    michigan Oct 01, 2011

    Today Dec. 12, I ordered 30 bags of red mulch to be delivered to my home in Lehigh Acres, FL. I asked when the mulch would be delivered and they could not give me an answer except "maybe in a week?" My gardner is ready to put the mulch down and I have to wait a week for their delivery truck to go about two miles up the road to deliver the mulch. They obviously are short handed but this was not handled well. No one wanted to commit to anything and I am now at the mercy of when they care to deliver. Trust me, this may be a local store, but I'm not dealing with them ever again.

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  • Ge
    Germis Dec 01, 2011

    Bad service, high prices, very low variety of products, small store. small parking lot and bad manager Tyler from Kaimuki Ace Hardware

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  • Ar
    Arvin Vera Aug 24, 2012

    please reactivate my tagged account. i cancelled my account 2 wiks ago [email protected]

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  • He
    herb haynes Aug 31, 2012

    yes the same is happying to me thay takeing $59.00 out my account twice so how can i cancel
    i know u r reading this please cancel me i have no more money u can take

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  • Ac
    Ace worker Jun 03, 2013

    I've worked at an ace for 3 years and I HATE it. The pay is awful, management never knows what's going on, I work long hours, but the part I hate the most is dealing with the customers. I can honestly say that I hate probably 70% of the customers that walk into that store. They are rude, mean, arrogant and down right stupid. They do not care about any of the employees, or anything we do to help them. I realize that it is our job to help them, but dear lord, would it kill you to use some decent manners? I've had people yell and scream at me for no reason at all. I've had people belittle me for no reason at all. I've been sexually harassed by customers. Customers look me up and down like I'm a piece of meat. It's disgusting, but no one cares. Upper management couldn't care less.
    The ONLY positive experience that I've had there is my coworkers. Many of them are magnificent people who I am so glad to have met. I also met my boyfriend of 2.5 years while working there.
    As for the rest of that place, I wouldn't mind watching that shithole burn to the ground.

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  • Gi
    Gillian B Jul 08, 2013

    I've HAD VERY SIMILAR EXPERIENCES at the Five Forks Trickum Branch in Lawrenceville, GA. They are continually rude, act like they rather be anywhere else than assisting me and never close a sale. I was about to buy a wheel barrow, lawn mower and electric hedge cutter as well as several large decorative plant pots. SEARS got my money thanks to ACE's most obnoxious sales men.

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  • Rs
    R.S.888 Feb 06, 2014

    Ace hardware in brandon, sd. very rude, uncaring, clerks. Also they acy like the money is coming out of their pocket when you return something. I will never shop there again.

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  • Bi
    bill zett Mar 16, 2014

    Ace Wild Bird Food:
    Purchased a 20 LB bag this past March 2014 and have feed birds in the backyard sine November and throughout the Winter months with bird food purchased at local feed mill. I decided to try the ACE Wild Bird Food and the birds will have nothing to do with it, yes event the squirrels left complaints but simply forging the few pieces of sunflower seeds. The bag analysis claims the moisture at a max of 13.5% which I suppose is mostly flax seed and the other 80% of basically the same seed type. The best use of the remainder of the 20# bag is best probably used for putting under a tire to get out of an icy patch. What a waste of money buy else where and yoyr feather friends will stay as friends.

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  • Ra
    ragartragart Jun 10, 2016

    After paying for a Bandsaw on May 20th, I received via UPS 2 children's games. After numerous phone calls and lack of co-operation, I complained to the BBB(26th May). The BBB sent them an email and the next day(27th May) I called and they said they just shipped it. Today I called(01 June) and they said they had to "research" it and that they'd get back in a few days or so. I want my money on my Bandsaw and I want it NOW!

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  • Lo
    Louie P Aug 15, 2018

    Until you drop your sponsorship of Laura Ingraham I will drive past your stores to a Do-It-Best or TruValu branded store. I can't support a brand that promotes hate and racism.

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  • Ve
    Vernon Elane Aug 20, 2018

    Found this ad in Oregon newspaper. It's a mothers day ad. Kind of disturbing when one of the items shows for mom a pistol and concealed weapons purse. It really is inappropriate. See attached photo.With all that's going on with shootings at schools and on the streets. I'm sure this ad didn't help.

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  • Hu
    Hung27 Aug 20, 2018


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  • Lf
    lfb1 Aug 21, 2018

    Why would you start advertising on Laura Ingraham show again! She is disgusting for going after a child who has gone through such an horrific experience. I am so disappointed in your decision and will no longer shop at your stores. I thought your company was more about your customers not just money.

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  • He
    hercdiggler Aug 21, 2018

    She has for years promoted fake conspiracy theories without facts. Her appalling ridiculing of a mass shooting victim should have been the last straw. I won't be using your store again.

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  • Ni
    Niklolol Sep 01, 2018

    I don't appreciate your cashier cory's smart remarks or attitude. It was very rude, I'll take my business somewhere else!

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  • Ma
    Marsel Kogan Sep 19, 2018

    I purchased 2 drill bits on 9/7/17. When i get home i noticed that they were bent and unusuable. I took them to the store next day in the morning to exchanged. The store manager, Ron, refused to exchange them or return the money stating no return on hurricane supplies. I will file a complaint with BBB as well.

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  • Ha
    Hannah8800 Oct 27, 2018

    My name is Hannah, widowed for 4 Years now and I have one only Child witch's 19 Years old ..

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  • Jo
    Joseph D Costanzo Oct 28, 2018

    Bought the cart with in two weeks metal arm broke and the people there would not replace it with out recipe I had the date I bought it did not matter and price 42 and change ace hardware is the only one that carries it well to sum it up you lost a customer 3 dates ago

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  • Te
    ted metherell Nov 12, 2018

    Not sending rewards I complained to maneger not receiving rewards but getting the 10 % cards off that you cant use in store instead of finding reason I was told I didn't have to shop at ace so thank you for your understanding request you not send the coupons that we cant use in the la pine or store

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  • Br
    Brian Jonson May 09, 2020

    Hello, I'm having trouble with possibly being denied a contractor's painting rate (product rate) at Ace Hardware. Call me at 218-820-4065. I cannot wait on the phone for long length of time.

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