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Access America / Would not refund money

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My fiancee booked our honeymoon in Austrailia as a surprise. He did not realize the extent of my medical condition and that a dr. would not ok me to fly on an airplane due to my hearing problems and the fact that the pressure could bust my ear drums. Access America would not refund the money. They refuse to. They said a dr. needed to write a letter stating I was unable to take the trip and they would refund it. Here I am 4 letters later and STILL NO REFUND!!! This is putting a strain on our marriage b/c he really wanted to go and I know that I am not physically able to do so and they are cheating him out of his money. He bought the travel insurance. What the crap is the point in insurance if you can't get your money back. This company is the worst company ever and I think they should be closed down and the $10, 000 should be refunded to my husband!

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  3rd of Feb, 2009
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A terrible, rip off of a company, they should not be allowed to be in business. I had a similar experience with an airline ticket for my mother to Portland OR. She injured her back and hip, ended up in the hospital, and was not able to fly. The doctor filled out and signed the form and they still denied the claim. There was no reason for the denial, they just said it didn't qualify, without explanation!!

  26th of Oct, 2009
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Ah, they are not only not refunding money but when you start pressuring them into doing the right thing, they are turning around and accuse you of Fraud! Nice tactics!
This company need to be sued big time!!! Some lawyer needs to start a class action suit against them.

  5th of Feb, 2010
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Complete SCAM. According to access america's claims adjuster, a letter from the oncologist on official hospital letterhead stating the date of the diagnosis as well as a statement that reads verbatim "this is not a pre-existing condition" is not sufficient evidence to prove that it was not a pre-existing condition.

  5th of Feb, 2010
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I've already complained to:

1. Attorney General Office in Virginia because the company is based in Richmond.
2. The California Insurance Bureau (that's where I'm based).
3. The Better Business Bureau

There is only one way to deal with these companies -- which is to take action. I cannot tolerate companies that take advantage of people in tragic times.

  12th of Sep, 2010
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I had a 24 hour trip delay when my flight from New York was got delayed by 6 hrs resulting in missed connections along the way to the final destination. I also incurred considerable travel/hotel costs and missed business because I missed my scheduled appointment at the destination. I had bought Access America trip cancellation/interruption/delay insurance. However, inspite of spending hours in filing a claim with all proof of delay (from the Airline) and new boarding passes, Access America denied my claim saying they would only cover natural disasters (such as a volcanic eruption or hurricane). I felt cheated because they do not mention this anywhere in the insurance document. Even the fine print does not specify clearly. I would warn others not to take Access America Trip interruption/delay insurance unless they are fully aware of this fact.

  29th of Mar, 2011
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Access America - Denial of Claim( Refund)
Access America Travel Insurance Company
New Jersey
United States

I purchased additional trip cancellation coverage from Access America via continential airline website. My 10 month old son ruptured his ear drum and was medically unable to fly.
After submitting the claim to access amercia, I received a letter 42 days later stating the claim had been denied. The policy I purchased was trip cancellation should a medical emergency, illness and medical situation occur which would prevent you from flying in order to received a refund for the purchased airline tickets.

  30th of Mar, 2011
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Hi tonybob617,
I'm Bree with Access America. I'm sorry to hear about your situation and hope your little one is feeling fine. I'd like to try to explain the result of your claim. But, without knowing the specifics about your policy it's hard for me to address the specific terms, conditions and exclusions that affected your coverage (as with any other type of insurance). We do provide a list of covered reasons for trip cancellation and interruption in the policy, as well as information about general and specific exclusions. We encourage everyone to look at it and try to make it easier by offering what we call a 10-day free look. That means you can cancel the policy at no cost within 10 days if you decide it doesn’t meet your needs. There’s more here at our FAQs:

That being said, if you'd like me to look into your specific case, please contact me with your full name and policy number at

  31st of Mar, 2011
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was the claim denied because it was an existing condition?

  9th of May, 2011
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Access America - Bad Company Error
Access America
P.O. Box 71533, Richmond, VA 23286-4684
United States
Phone: 1-800-284-8300

Back in February of 2011 my fiancee and I took a trip up to Washington state for a 9 day vacation we had planned for two months. We flew with JetBlue and I decided to purchase Access America travelers insurance just for safety reasons. During the middle of our vacation I realized I needed to change the city where we would be flying out of since we changed our travel itinerary around last minute. I made the necessary changes with JetBlue and when I got back home to Southern California I contacted Access America in order to make a claim to get a refund for the amount I paid to change my travel itinerary. Access America stated that they would only pay 80% of the total amount I paid JetBlue since it was a non-medical emergency, which I was fine with since that's what it stated in their policy. I submitted the claim and got two refund checks two weeks later, one for me and one for my fiancee.

When I received the checks everything looked good at first until I looked my fiancee's check and realized that they had messed up her last name. I immediately contacted Access America and told their customer service representative about the error. He looked up my claim and realized that indeed they had made a mistake on her last name. He was very apologetic about it and said that they would send me another check with her correct last name on it, which they did. Two weeks later another check arrives, however her last name was STILL incorrect on it. I called them again stating that the error was not corrected the first time. While on the phone they transferred me to somebody in their check division. The man sounded very shady and kept calling me by the wrong name over the phone which really annoyed me. I told him about the error they made and he said, "well I can't believe we actually did that again." I told him, "well why else would I be calling you?" The guy stated that they would be mailing ANOTHER check with the correct name once again. I asked him, "are you sure it's going to be the correct name this time?" He stated yes. The check arrived two weeks later and this time it had my fiancee's correct last name on it.

This whole ordeal took 6 weeks to be made right in the end and think that is absolutely ridiculous. I'm going to think twice before purchasing travelers insurance with Access America in the future.

  10th of May, 2011
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Dear @DinitheGreat,
I’m with Access America’s Help Team. We’re sorry to hear about the difficulty you encountered in filing and resolving your claim. We’re glad that travel insurance turned out to be a good investment for you as you did receive reimbursements, but we apologize for the confusion regarding the correct name on the check.

Your experience isn’t typical, and it certainly isn’t indicative of the high level of service we strive to deliver to our customer. Thanks for the feedback; we’ve passed this on to the appropriate teams so that we can learn from this mistake.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

  23rd of May, 2011
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Access America has a reputation for not paying claims. Indeed, there are so many complaints online about this company that one wonders if they EVER pay a claim. In my case, they did not, and before I'd even submitted al the information requested they told me they would not pay my claim. They would, however, let me scramble around collecting the materials they asked for . I'd fallen into one of their loopholes. Even though I had bought and paid for the plane tickets, bought and paid for the insurance, within a month of the aborted trip got back surgery from a reputable surgeon who filled out the appropriate form for Access America, they would not pay. When I spoke with the Florida Department of Insurance about the situation, they said Access America is not, technically, an insurance company. It's a financial company. Thus the Florida Department of Insurance has no jurisdiction. More and more the US seems less the "land of the free, " and more the land of the scam.

  29th of May, 2011
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Access America - Travel Insurance Scam
Access America
United States

I bought a travel insurance policy from Access America Travel Insurance. I was travelling to Canada to see my family for a quick weekend. I bought the insurance because it was cheap, about $25 to cover the cost of my flight just in case. The day after I arrived in Canada, my father, who was 96 years old at the time passed away from old age. I had to cancel my trip home (non refundable ticket), as I had to stay few extra days to arrange for the funeral etc. I purchased a new ticket, and submitted all of my stuff to Access America Travel Insurance to cover the cost of my new $220 discount fare to get home. They asked for a copy of the death certificate which I supplied. The death certificate, issued by the Government of Quebec Canada does not list a cause of death for a 96 year old who dies of old age. I also supplied a copy of the funeral home burial certificate which does list the cause as natural. Access America refuses to pay because the cause of death is not listed. They told me to find a doctor to write a letter on his letterhead listing the cause of death as natural. None of this BS was in the policy and terms and conditions that they sent me when I purchased this policy. The policy is supposed to cover you for various different circumstances including the death of an immediate family member. What a scam this company is. I am filing complaints with the State Insurance Commissioner, The BBB and perhaps in small claims court. Stay away from Access America travel Insurance.

  30th of May, 2011
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Get your or your fathers doctor to write a letter on his letter head listing the cause of death as natural.

  31st of May, 2011
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Dear @Shimmy1,
I'm Bree with Access America’s Help Team. I'm very sorry to hear of your father's passing. We’d like to look into your case. Please email us at with your full name and policy number. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  27th of Dec, 2011
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Access America - travel insurance fraud
United States

I purchased Access America through my Delta airline ticket. When I tried to collect on my claim, it was denied. Delta had cancelled my originating flight and I was unable to make connection in Atlanta en-route to St Maarten. I had to pay for hotel room, etc. ACCESS AMERICA IS A FRAUD.

  31st of Dec, 2011
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Jamie here with Access America’s Help Team. We’re sorry to read about your frustration and would like to find out more. Please contact us at with your name and policy number.

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