Client # 93652: on april 25, 2017 I was supposed to be picked up, from co-op city, in the bronx, to go to my doctor on east 83rd manhattan. the pick up time was 12:03pm. it was cold and raining. I am disabled. access-a-ride requires that you be downstairs 15 minutes early, which meant, I was downstairs at 11:47am. the car had not arrived at 12:30:pm. I called the broker and was told that it would arrive in 15 minutes. at 1:00pm, when the car had not arrived, I called and was told that the car would be there in 10 minutes. finally, at 1:22pm a car arrived.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Bronx, NYthe driver was off duty but had heard the conversation over the radio about a client who had been waiting since 11:47am. he, amazingly, got me to my 1:45pm appointment at 1:52pm. he was a polite and wonderful driver. I blame the company for my problem. while waiting, I was in and out of three access - a - ride vehicles, that came to pick up other clients, because I thought they were there for me. another two vehicles dropped off clients. better scheduling may have better served me. returning home, my pick up time was 2:35pm. I was picked up at 4:00pm. again, the driver was polite. the companies, however, really need to get their act together.

May 01, 2017

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