Access-A-Ride / inhumane conditions

Brooklyn, NY, United States

access a ride client # 1099310
6/22/17 had pick up for 3:01pm from job -601W 26th street to go home 116-37 Nashville Blvd, Cambria Heights Queens appointment time 6:15pm
driver #5180 from Professional service carrier arrived on time -
was told by driver he had two more pick ups before leaving Manhattan and that both would be dropped before me. At that point I questioned how long I would be riding in vehicle. I told driver that I did not think it was fare that I would have to ride for more that 2 hours because I knew it would take at lease 2 hours if not more. I call customer service tried to get through to complaint department was told by person on phone that I would have to call back because my phone went in and out- called back and asked to speak to a supervisor - spoke with Jamar told him my concern with having to ride for such a long time and on top of that this particular vehicle air condition was not working. supervisor Jamar put me on hold for a long while more that 10 minutes return to the phone and informed me that it was recommended to him that I call customer service - because there was nothing that could be done regarding who got dropped off first and that nothing could be done regarding the drivers manifest scheduled trips (note: I never said I want to be dropped off first - I just did not want to be in the vehicle for more than 2 hours)
My trip ended up taking 3 hours and 15 min -I was soak from sweating with no air condition and I was extremely nauseated from all the bouncing in the truck - another note this driver went the long way around for every destination - while in Manhattan he drove through 2 major hubs 34th St. Harold square and 42 St time square and I know there was other routes he could have taken to attempt to avoid some of the traffic. It was 5:15pm when we got to the tunnel to leave Manhattan
in the end I was left exhausted and I wanted to vomit. To subject me to this type of service was inhumane - more consideration should be taken when schedules are made for the one customer whos address is at the longer distance but in the same borough I don't think it's fare that the person has to ride around while the driver picks up and drops off more than one other person- it never works out that you get home on the appointment time because logistically it's just not possible and WHY DO I HAVE TO RIDE AROUND FOR OVER 3 HOURS FROM MANHATTEN BEFORE MAKING IT HOME
something needs to be done about how customers are scheduled - and if it looks like it is going to be a issue l- like in my case more that 2 hour commute - I think supervisor should have authority to make adjustments

Jun 22, 2017

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