Access-A-Ride / general complaint

United States

My father is a cancer patient and is receiving daily radiation treatments and weekly chemotherapy treatments at nyu cancer center. he lives in astoria, queens and since he started his treatment 3 weeks ago has never had a car be on time even once either leaving from or returning home. the drivers are either unable to speak english, are rude or lack any compassion for the sick people they are transporting! honestly they should not be working for this type of company in any function.
I understand that this is a city/government run company and by default works in a very bureaucratic manner however we are not in a communist country and the leadership should be able to change broken methods of performance and take at least some pride in their work!
I am a physician working for the health and hospitals network and understand the problems related to city-run organizations due to lack of funds but I do not understand lack of compassion and laziness as it pertains to some of these employees.

May 17, 2017

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