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spoke to Ryan Id # 101 so he says about receiving my refund from the false advertisment on the company spam email i asked to speak with someone in regards to this matter and he stated "he was the boss and he made the final say on what goes on" he stated that the office is located on 158 court st Auburn Maine when i asked to speak to someone above him he said that their is no one above him asked for coprate office he said i couldnt get the phone number to the office to file a complaint and hung up the phone on me

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  • Ir
      Sep 08, 2009

    I ordered these on the 22nd called to cancel on the 24th they gave me a cancelation number. I get the product the 27th (according to them) but it's not in my mailbox til Sept 3, 2009. I call to find out how i can send it back they give me the info and then i see they charged my card $48.99. When i called to ask why she said i had passed the 15 day trial and that i couldn't get my money back because it's in the terms and conditions. I've read the terms and conditions and it doesn't say when the trial begins i.e. (when order is placed or when pills are recieved.) Awaiting a "supervisor courtesy call" to help so call correct this problem. Will keep you posted on how that goes.

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  • Ch
      Sep 18, 2009

    You people are nuts! Cant you freakin read the terms and conditions?

    I got an advertisement offering a trial of Acai Berry Maximum for just the price of shipping and handling. I ordered and got my shipment within a few days.

    I tried it out and it worked great.. I called the customer service number and spoke with a very friendly rep about getting my next shipment sooner since i had gone through the whole bottle pretty fast.

    They moved my ship date sooner and were very friendly and courteous. I have been using this stuff for the past 3 months.

    I have nothing but great things to say about this product and company.

    Some people are so cheap and try to get everything for free. Get a Life and Get a Job.

    The product works and shame on you for trying to cheat and bad mouth the company who is offering a generous try before you buy promotion.

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  • Ma
      Oct 23, 2009

    Not everyone is the same. For me it was a trip to the doctor because of the Acai Berry Maximum. There was no warning that those with diverticulitis. The stuff chewed my guts up good. The guy in the first comment sounds like a company representative or a paid for shrill. It wasn't until I went to one of their other websites that I found the terms and conditions. Yeah, I'm out nearly $100 because of this, not including medical bills. I figured with a bottle of 60 pills it was at least a month or two supply, not a 14 day trial. The last four days of the trial I was in no shape to drive to the post office and send it back, hence the first charge. I didn't know it was a "club" and when the next bottle came, only three weeks after the first had arrived, I was shocked by the bill. Of course when the total bill comes it hits a nerve, what a shame and a waste. I called them and said what should I do with 111 of these pills? They told me to give them to someone else. What crap. I did get a partial refund from the second order, less than half. To send it back I could have gotten half, less shipping and handling, hence about the same as the refund. Augh! It makes feel so stupid to think I fell for such a scam. As far as weight loss, nothing. As far as bowel discomfort, yes! Any loss of appetite? No. Extra energy? Only when you got to run to the bathroom because of the pain. I hope my comment adds to those who might look into the stuff. Honestly, for some people it might work, I don't know. But living in America I can't take stuff I know that does work for me because it is considered illegal by the FDA. I ran across it in the military stationed over seas from some college students from Morocco studying in Germany. I know it had Ginseng and some other stuff mixed together. Darn stuff gave you stamina, made you more alert, concentration improved and it helped with weight. Wish I knew what they had in it. They had it shipped from Morocco in dairy cartons from their parents. They would make pills out of it or have it mixed with tea. The tea method was how they introduced it to me. But that is an other story.

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  • In
      Feb 26, 2010

    Upon ordering, you agree to pay $1 plus $5.95 shipping and handling for the trial kit as well as agree to enrollment in the Lifestyle Program. If you are enjoying the product do nothing and at the end of your trial date you will be charged the low rate of $48.99 for the product you received. Approximately 25 days from your trial purchase date and every 25 days thereafter you will be sent another fresh 1 month supply of ACAI BERRY MAXIMUM (1 bottle) and your credit card on file will be billed the Lifestyle Program Member's Discount rate price of just $49.99 per bottle plus $5.95 shipping and handling for a total of $55.94. That is a savings of over 50% the regular price of a 1 month supply of ACAI BERRY MAXIMUM.

    You can't read?

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  • Jo
      Apr 09, 2010

    I also wanted to try this product, so I had them send me the 14 day trial bottle. A week into the trial I found that my stomache would not tolerate the pills. I called them to cancel the trial and returned the remainder of the bottle to them. This was back in August of 2009 and I never received anything else from them. Assuming that they received the returned product and had canceled my program I distroid all imformation. I am now being taken to collections for $139.00 and I am unable to contact them personally to argue on my behalf. Does anyone out there have a phone number to reach them directly, if so I would really appreciate it. As for the product and the company, I would not recommend dealing with them at all.

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  • So
      Apr 28, 2010

    I'm with you there! I ordered my product back in June of 2009, I did use the product, but called to cancel my "membership" I couldn't get through to anyone that could help me the first time I called, they said that the person I needed to speak to was out to lunch and that they could call me back. That didn't happen, so I called again, and tried to cancel, the lady that I spoke to said she would cancel for me and that she would call back with a confirmation number. She never did, and my own stupid fault, I didn't follow up, so when I didn't receive anything else from them, I assumed everything was taken care of. Now about 2 weeks ago I get a letter from another agency saying that it will go to collections if I do not pay the $139.99. I called that company and explained the situation, said that I'd like to know how they justified this charge when
    #1 I never received product from the company other than the trial bottle
    #2 The company never sent me any sort of billing invoice allowing me to dispute the matter
    #3 Now darn near a year later they pull this bill out of their butt and say that I am responsible to pay it

    This other company said that they had no means of contacting the original company (the rep told me she didn't even have a computer !) Her supervisor offered to reduce the cost to $90.00, I said they can do what they have to, I'm not paying for something that I never received. As in the previous comment, I too, destroyed all the info regarding my order, When you don't hear from a company for months on end, you generally figure that it is safe to do so. WARNING TO ALL, IF YOU USE THIS COMPANY, KEEP EVERY RECEIPT, TRACK EVERY PHONE CALL, AND STILL EXPECT THEM TO TRY TO SCAM YOU!

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