ACAI Berry Detox - Hollywood, FLDebit Card Charged $86.47

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7/15/2009 Ordered ACAI Berry Detox from Oprah's website. received no email confirmation nor anything thing on computer to copy when ordered. all companies i've dealt within via internet send email confirmations. 7/17/09 debit card charged .99 cent shipping and handling fee. 8/3/09 debit card charged $86.42 - didn't know why. Called [protected] (twice before got through 8/4 and 8/6) was told terms were that i had to cancel within 15 day trial period or card would be charged.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Ashtabula, OHon 8/6/09 told hadn't received product; was told shipped 8/4/09. Requested anything they had for me be cancelled and was provided with cancellation confirmation number 1607496. When received (1) bottle of product on 8/6 no invoice accompanied package. Only address have to return product is ACAI Berry Detox, Hollywood, FL 33020. just notice on bottle ACAI Berry, distributed by FWM Laoratories, Hollywood, FL 33020. will try and return there and get credit. THIS IS DEFINITELY A FRAUD. printed this out before submitted and got confirmation number 2 3 e c c; first one was f a d 8 f

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      Aug 11, 2009

    Yes, it's a fraud. I'll bet you didn't know this but ALL internet ads, ALL TV and RADIO ads with the so-called "FREE TRIALS" are scams!
    They tell you that you have 7 to 10 days to cancel and your trial STARTS on the DAY YOU receive the merchandise but that's a LIE, it starts the day you CALL TO ORDER. They then DELAY the arrival of the product so that your 7 to 10 day "FREE TRIAL" will be up before you get the product.

    Now comes the fun part, IF you can find a valid number to call, you call, they put you on HOLD or just not answer or just hang up on you while they are charging you bank account or credit card multiple times, AFTER ALL, YOU DID AGREE TO THESE may not have realized it, but you did!

    Their ad on Oprah's website is just like ALL the other ads on ALL the other websites, THEY ARE A SCAM!! Oprah was simply cashing in on some of the revenue that you people are paying these scam sites. you are making people like Oprah RICHER while you get POORER.

    This is TRUE for ANY website, ANY TV or RADIO commercial, on ANY program you are watching or listening or reading about.

    Did you EVER wonder why these places WILL NOT ACCEPT A MONEY ORDER? It is because with a money order, they can't keep sucking money from your account. They will be dependent on you reordering from them to make money and they KNOW you will NOT reorder their crap, once you try it.

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