Acai berry / $87 for 1 bottle of &free pills&

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a scam..don't buy it !! They stated by phone they would credit me for the 87 dollars they charged my account and never did. I cancelled my order my e-mail after I placed my order for the free sample. Because I didn't call by phone, which I did not have their number till I saw it on my credit card they said I got my "trial period for 87 dollars" and that is what I got---a 87 dollar charge FOR NOTHING!! When I called to speak to as supervisor they said "they are all in a meeting" on Fri. night at 9:45pm. When I tried to cancel my order by phone they said I was not in the system...yet they had the informatio to charge my credit card!!

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  • Ly
      Apr 15, 2009

    I totally agree this is a scam. Not only was I charged 87.00 for something that was supposed to be free, I had two additional charges 0f $67.

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  • Ji
      Jun 08, 2009

    these people at aci berry are complete ###. when you call to cancel you are placed on hold so long then it disconects you. so there is no way to cancel your order. i urge you to contact your credit card company to dispute your bill. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!

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  • Re
      Jul 08, 2009

    This was such a scam...a horrible nightmare!!! I did the free trial...was not impressed...received the new bottle that came with a paper to call and cancel at any time!! What crap!!! I started receiving bottles and bottles of cleanser and teas and receiving weight loss news letters in my e mail, coupons and now I belong to an auto rewards program that I didn't sign up for. The next month when my bank statement came I wanted to pass out. Over $1000.00 had been withdrawn from my bank account. The number on the paper that I had was not working. When calling numbers on statement everyone was in a meeting, it didn't matter what time I called. Finally, I told them I would hold, that I had all day and night to sit on hold until someone, anyone came out of that meeting. I was on hold for almost an hour!! The gentleman told me that when I agreed to the "free trial" and put in my debit number and "read" the fine print five miles down the terms and conditions I agreed for them to share my info with other companies to start charging and sending "STUFF". All in all that day I was on the phone for over 8 hrs trying to get my money back. Most said I could get a 50% refund...are you kidding me???? They wanted me to pay the shipping back to them. I went to my bank...this is how I got my money back!!! I had to call all the places back, state that it was an unauthorized purchase and that my bank would place a charge back on their withdraw if they didn't create the refund themselves. Companies don't like for this to happen due to it causes the rate at which they are charged for their with draw draw from our accounts. The more charge backs a company has the higher the rate goes. The woman at the bank let me know this process takes two days max to happen not the 30-60 days they would tell me. I was ready for them. I soon started to see the deposits flying in my account. The ones that were not there in 2 days were a charge back from my bank. It took me from start to finish 5 days, hours on the phone, a lot of aggravation-----all for a FREE TRIAL!!! I thought I was was Oprah's website for goodness sake!!! It will never happen to me again. By the way...I sent nothing back!!!

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  • Ac
      Jul 29, 2009

    I agree 100% its a scam people dont get rip off after i order the free trail gust pay for shipping they went in my account and take $87 and make my account over drawn over $300 in over draft charges, and no recourse ??????. People need help went not to be ript off

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  • La
      Nov 19, 2009

    is their anything we can do about this?Anyway to fight it and get our scammed money back...this is ridiculous !

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