ABX Expressdelay of shipment, gave wrong information of shipment, short of cartons and wrongly delivered of cartons

I'm writing to inform you that recently the goods that you brought from my company have not been supplier correctly to my customer.We always received called from my customer mentioned that there a goods are missing and even worse wrongly delivered to others customer.

Here I have highlighted few cases,

On 23 December 2016 we sent six cartons through your company service but the next day on 24 December 2016 the goods that arrived short of one cartons.However, your company said would settle it and the goods received on 27 December 2016.Another incident happened on 23 December 2016 where we sent 5 cartons and unfortunately my customer only received 4 goods out of five.However this case settled on 5/1/17 according to the person in charge.I also informed my agent.And today 9/1/17 the worse part is my agent called me to follow up regarding the short of cartons..Ahhh!!! The facts is that abx subang person gave wrong information saying that my customer had received the parcel and the case is closed but actually is NOT..Seriously its really a terrible and irresponsible people.I still have three pending cases.The perfect words that they will be saying is "We are Following Up". It is really disappointment to my company regarding the service.Actually there are most incidents happened I'm not able to explain it one by one so do refers to the attachments.

ABX Express

Jan 09, 2017

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