Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank [ADIB]complaining about the service which they are providing even after submitting all the documents required

A Sep 19, 2017

I am wife of Mr Pradeep who is having an account in ADIB bank.Since 2 weeks we are suffering al lot because of the poor service which ADIB bank is giving.My husbands account was freezed because he changed job, that we can understand but even after giving all the documents required to release the credit it took theses many days still it is not resolved.
The main painful part is my husband had sudden stroke in between and with that he went personally to Sahara Center branch and given all the documents they said with in 4 working days ADIB will contact and fund will be released.No one responded.We submitted documents on 31/8/2017.salary was credited on 25th of august or 26th.He could not go and submit documents before crediting the salary because he got stroke on 19th of august.We are really suffering financial crisis and no one is bothered.Bank is not releasing the amount because he didnot submit the documents before crediting the salary, we informed them what all things happened and we were ready to show medical reports also.This month see there is no salary and my husband has all these health issues.Who will be responsible for all these things
whenever we are contacting customer service the response is very pathetic
I just need one solution for this.Do not know when bank will release the fund
please kindly do the needful

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