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Trying to set up online banking

Good day, I have been battling for two days now trying to set up internet banking. We spent the whole day in the bank trying to sort it out, I have been on the phone non stop. When i eventually got through yesterday afternoon after holding for an hour they dropped the call on me. This morning i finally spoke to someone in the online banking, after half an hour on the phone he said he would transfer me to the technical side and gave me the number just in case the call drops (clearly you know this is an issue). The lady on the other side answered and said it was wrong the department that they transferred me to. I asked her if she could transfer me to the technical side and she said that the system does not allow her to transfer calls. I then proceed to dial the number given to me by the first consultant that i spoke to which is: ********** . And this was the cherry on the cake, the number does not exist. I have never had this problem with my FNB account, this problem would of been sorted out IMMEDIATELY

Nov 28, 2017

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