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South Africa

To whom it may concern
I fell behind with my homeland acc +- 3yrs ago due to unforeseen circumstances.While trying to retify a judgement was issued, I understand abs was within their right as I defaulted.In the meantime I did everything in my power to get up to date which I did early 2016.So I am currently up to date and slightly in advance with payments and paying extra every month to maintain that. Current repayment amount required +- r 8500 and I am paying r 10 000 every month.

My problem at the moment is that judgement is still there for full bond amount and have been told by legal/credit dept I must settle +- r 550 000 bal of bond to have judgement uplifted.
Which I find unfair as I have +- 7yrs on bond still left as per my signed agreement.In the meantime I can not apply for finance/accounts etc.
Because abs will not remove judgement so my life on hold for the next 7 yrs.
Can you please assist I really need my name off tic, I understand abs does not want to reverse so if anything happens the do not have to lodge again.
But in all fairness account has been correct for over 12 months and feel abs should rebook at account
Bond acc no: [protected], Bruce Mclaren
cell no : [protected]
Your assistance would be appreciated
kind regards

Oct 30, 2017

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