ABSA Bankcustomer services.

Good Day,
I wish to complain about the whole concept, of the customer service that is offered at most ABSA banks.
This is what I, and most people have found at the ABSA branch in the Garden Route Mall.
Here is a recently upgraded bank, which has a large open space, which has numerous small offices, which border the square area, each one has a sign to show who is within this office, and what they deal with.
Now the customer service has two ladies, one of which is a trainee, there is a long wooden slated bench that people sit, and wait, to be helped, this is always full, and should you get the trainee, when it's your turn, you will need to wait while the other assistant helps, in between seeing to her own customer.
Now the wait can be as long as an hour, and the bench is uncomfortable, and at no time while I was waiting, did I see any other one of these specialized offices used.
Now this is an absolute disaster, there is enough work to keep a half dozen assistants busy, with customer care, why must customers suffer this long wait, in order to get the sevice they pay for.
This is a case of to many Cowboys, and not enough Indians.
Regards A.J.Haley.

Dec 07, 2018

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