ABSA Bank / absa car insurance failure to deliver service paid for

South Africa
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On the 9 June 17; my Mother had a car breakdown (572km away from her home); she called absa insurance as her insurer at 14:30 she was sent from pillar to post and even rude by Michelle/Mitchell the consultant.

She said she arranged the tow car & courtesy car.

At 16:00 I called my Mother to find out if she has been assisted & has the tow car arrived to my surprise they have not called her and nor tow car as well and no reference number given. I called the insurer to ask about the progress about the reported incident; I had to start from scratch to explain what happened and put on hold for over 10 minutes; and eventually told all has been arranged the tow car will be there in no time. at 18:00 i followed up to my surprise none has been done nor tow car nor courtesy car nor accommodation arranged; I had to recount what has happened & they kept quoting policy documents and told us its after hours they will take the vehicle to a safe place whereas the initial call was at 14:30. I requested to speak to their Supervisor; who all of a sudden was not around; I requested copy of the document they kept referring to they said they'll send it on monday as they dont have it (my question is what are you refering to if you dont have a copy ofpolicy in front of you); I requested the recordings I'm told he doesn't know the process to acquire them but will pass the message to the supervisor. Today (12 June 17) I receive an email from Melissa she said she will send the documents & listen to the recording and provide a feedback. A while later she responds that she is not at liberty to provide me with the recording but she has listened to the recordings and the first call arrived at 16:03 not at 14:30. I said if that's the case send them "we might have mistaken the time for 14:30 instead of 16:03" she said we should rather have a recorded telephone conversation also she cannot provide me with the recording but give them to my mother, I asked her how are the recording going to be sent is it via email? because my Mother has no email & I'm acting on behalf of my Mother. Till now I have not received any response/answers to my questions nor received the policy documents they used as point of reference cause clearly they are different to what we have.

I will never recommend Absa insurance to anyone; all they are interested is monthly premiums time to deliver on their promise they fail; lack professionalism in dealing with customers & lack integrity. If only they can learn that customer is KING can make or break their business.

Jun 12, 2017

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