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Here are the details of my compliant: I have ordered a few trail samples of abelle mayfair, it was dec.29, 2016. The samples were foc and I have paid only for the delivery $5.47 (Canadian dollars). And to my huge surprise I am charged again $135.12 at january 12 2017! I did not buy or order anything else!
This is what I have at the description of my charges:
Please, help me to resolve this issue!
What other details do you need?
Thank you

  • Updated by kate-kate, Feb 05, 2017

    well... it's too late now for me too... at least, if somebody reads this conversation, she /he will thing before paying to them... sad event. :(
    I even did not tell my husband the truth. it is so embarrassing and stupid to be charged like this...

Jan 13, 2017
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  • Na
      Feb 05, 2017

    This is a total scam. Same thing happened to me. I ordered the free sample for a shipment of 5:35 CD and in Dec my credit card was charged $139.14 and 2 days later another 125.22. Same charges in January 135.14 and 2 days later another 121.42. This company is a big scam. Please be aware of free trials sample/products out there where you have to give your credit card information.

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