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On August 14th, I ordered what I believed to be a sample of their rapid wrinkle control. It was a tiny .5 oz tube for which I had to pay $5 for shipping. I went out of town and when I returned there was a charge for $114.92 on August 29th. I called the company and was told that I was supposed to cancel within 14 days or would receive product every month for that amount.

I never saw the 14 day cancellation on the website, and certainly not on the shipping confirmations sent to me by the company. I also never received anything aside from that small sample. I was informed by them that I would see the same charge on my September statement.
I asked how they could charge me if I don't get anything. They told me that small sample is the product that goes for $99 plus tax.

Exceptionally misleading! I said I will return the tiny one I was sent. They said no it was final sale. Are you kidding me??

Sep 28, 2016
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  • Sh
      Oct 04, 2016

    Very misleading information. There is NO FREE or reduced price. The company sent me the wrinkle control and two other products 24 hour night cream and a facial exfoliator which I had not ordered and was not on the initial form.
    When I checked my mastercard, there were charges of over $100 for all this STUFF, immediately upon ordering.
    By the time I received the product and looked at my card balance, the 14days were up.
    I phoned the company and wanted to send the product back, but was told that the 14 days were up and I had to pay the amount charged to my Mastercard.

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  • Re
      Oct 30, 2016

    THIS IS A SCAM, I ordered the trial on October 17th and today the 30th (13 days) I am billed $155.51 for 1oz Max Moisture and o.o5 wrinkle control. I paid the $12.00 for the trial, which I find out today that the real price is $155.51. I have not opened or tried this product so how do I know I can use it. I did not see any 14 day trial on their website or any shipping information. I did not receive any email or any other notice that this amount would be deducted from my bank account on this date. This is so misleading, I wonder how many other people have been caught up in this scam that have not posted a complaint. I sent them a email today 13 days after the date of purchase not 14 days, asking them for a refund and to withdraw me from their monthly subscription and that I would return their product. Let's see what their response will be, as it has not been 14 days.


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  • Dr
      Nov 01, 2016

    @red1956, THIS IS A SCAM, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. You have to be consistent and bug them everyday with an email for a reply. State that you have a 30 day return period as stated in their website. Show them the URL as well. I had the same problem with 2 products in one order. I emailed them immediately when I saw $151.xx (approx. $112USD) posted on my credit card online website. The rep quickly reply that they had cancelled my monthly subscriptions (2 products, each about $99 USD) - which would start 30 day after the $112USD was billed to my credit card. The rep stayed silent about my request to return and full refund the 2 unopened products. I thanked them for cancellation my monthly subscription and re-stressed that I want to return and full refund of $112USD. The rep next replied that they would refund me $40USD as I agreed with them on their support line. I replied that I never talked to anyone and told them explicitly it was a FASLE statement and asked them to show proof e.g. time, day, duration and content of my call. Next a manager offered me $50 USD refund for each product therefore $50USD x 2 in total asking me to agree. Before I agreed the $100USD refund, I asked them to confirm $112USD they charged on my credit card was for 2 products. Another rep replied that they forgot to charge me the second product. Thus they would only refund me $50USD and allowed me to keep the second product free. I was so annoyed that they had played a trick on me. Image the scenario that had I accepted $100USD refund and subsequently they would charge me whatever sum they forgot to charge me on the second product. What a dirty trick. I pointed this out to them straightway - they lied about I agreeing a $40USD refund, then tricked me with $100USD with subsequent unknown charge for the second product, and then re-offered $50USD refund and even dared to say offering me a free product to keep. I restated my position that I am sticking to their 30 day return rule. I would not allow the deadline to pass me so they keep all the money. I said I would raise a dispute with my credit card company with this series of emails with them if they do not reply within a day. At the end, the gave up on me, agreed to refund $112USD. Gave me a RMA and return P.O.Box address in North York, Toronto. I sent them 2 images of the products with shrink wrap intact to prove unopened products, and my return parcel with Canada Post Xpresspost Tracking number and their RMA# on the box. They then sent me an email that $112USD has been processed and would appear in my credit card in 2 to 4 business days. What a farce and lots of hassle to get my money back on a free trial which is not free at all.

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  • Me
      Nov 10, 2016

    This happened to me as well, they charged over $350 canadian for products i did not order, or Receive! they had my wrong address apparently. No receipt, no product, yet i'm supposed to send the product to them to receive the refund.

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  • Al
      Nov 10, 2016

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  • Jp
      Dec 01, 2016


    I am writing this information for a friend that only speaks French. He has ordered a cream as advertised a sample of 10$ and after 14 days of reception of the cream he was charged 2 * 150$ CAN. He called them up and they still charged him another 2 * 150$ again.

    After about 600$ of charges he called them up again but since he is French, he had a hard time to talk with them but they finally said they will refund him 80$ USD which comes up to about 110$ CAD. And they stated they will close his account but problem is...he is till 490$ for 4 little .5 oz tube that he is allergic with.

    This is just so bad. I though we were protected with this type of marketing campain ? Canada is a country where people are protected...well that is what I though. Will the US accept this type of issue ?

    Ok well my friend is serious and is going to see a lawyer for advise but will certainly take action in small claim court.

    Abella Mayfair...don't do business with them even if the product is good. Biotherm or Lancome is much better and never does some marketing like this where it is misleading, they do not need to as they have excellent products.

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  • Jo
      Dec 13, 2016

    I have been charged about $550 dollars and have only received 2 free samples. I never ordered the purchase and have never been told that they will automatically charge my credit card. It is a real SCAM.

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  • Mp
      Dec 20, 2016

    @JohnYuan Write a complaint to the US Federal Trade Commission and they will investigate these scammers

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  • Je
      Dec 28, 2016

    What a scam!!! I asked the representative on the phone when I was ordering several times that if I cancel my order within 14 days will I be charged anything and do I need to return any of the bottles to be refunded. The representative assured me on 4 seperate occasions that I would not be charged anything and I would not need to return any of the bottles. Now they are telling me I need to return the products or pay two fees of $19.95 US. Considering I am not in the country it is impossible for me to return the products. The representative on the phone clearly lied to me. I bet they earn commission for each sale which gives them the incentive to lie for this bull#### company.

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  • Je
      Dec 28, 2016

    Whoever invented this product should be ashamed with their marketing scam.

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  • Ho
      Jan 16, 2017

    This angelina jolie's co. Can she not somehow b reached for this huge scam?

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  • Ka
      Jan 31, 2017

    Writing Canadian Fraud and also BBB. Scammed also [protected] this company.

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  • No
      Mar 08, 2017

    We saw BELL as a survey online. The screen immediately went to the sample offering which we agreed to pay only the shipping and handling. We also then got charged that excessive $100 amount approximately on our credit card. We received a box and immediately put "return to sender" and dropped it at the post office. We cancelled with the company and of course were told we ordered it so it is not possible. (### and more ###) We have reported this to the credit card company. They received back from the company proof that we ordered it online to which we say NO and it is misleading...all the places they say we odered from online or checked off.

    We have been credited from the credit card company. We have reported it the bank who faxed in our filled out explanation of this scam. DO NOT PAY THIS: REFUSE TO PAY THE CREDIT CARD CHARGE.

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  • 2c
      Mar 24, 2017

    I got scammed around 500$ from them and they were boasting about it!

    horrible product, evil company

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  • So
      Jun 20, 2017

    NEWBEAUTYTODAY.COM and BIOLEAP*BIOEYESSERUM in my case. Purposely set consumer up. I have only agreed with the shipping cost of &4.99 for the "free trial product", never agreed with over 100 Canadian Dollar for "free trial". When I called them and cancelled whatever account they have with me, they promised to send a copy of so called terms and conditions attached to case, never received it. Never even get the callation confirmation. I wonder if we can all united and nail this company down. It's nasty, unethical and disgusting to do business in such a way. How many people is going to lose money? Where the government can step in? When the credit company will support us?

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