Abella Mayfairbeing billed on credit card for products not ordered

I too am now a victim of the Abella Mayfair scam. I ordered 2 samples on line under the premise that I pay the shipping costs only. I received these small samples a week ago. There was nothing on line or in the box that indicated that I would be billed and automatically shipped, unwanted product. I now have a credit card bill for over $250.00 and to date, have received no further unwanted product in the mail. I have made several attempts to contact this companies support line and they do not return my calls. I have also sent e-mails which have gone unanswered. In my opinion this is a scam and should be dealt with by the RCMP. It's the first time I've ever ordered anything on line and it will be the last!

Jan 30, 2017

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