AARP Services / the hartford is damaging your brand

United States

Re Policy Number: 55RBA374862

Dear Hartford,
Please appeal / escalate this matter to the next manager's level, and just keep appealing / escalating until you get to the CEO or a manager that really knows the true value of loyal clients and customer satisfaction. Please keep me informed as to what level you are at along with all names and titles that were engaged.

This is REALLY Pathetic! Totally un-American! I will lobby against your firm (and AARP) in social media with this story until I pass! That should be at least 40-years! This will co$t THE Hateford a lot more than 33-days of credit!

Who did you protect / cover after [protected], Casper??? One policy holder / one driver, ALL passed; who's driving? No one had written permission to drive the vehicle or could even be granted permission to drive the vehicle after death of the sole owner (but you know that!). Since our police friends of the family told us to the remove the plates to protect the vehicle from theft, we did (on [protected]). Do you by law still have to cover grand theft auto drivers? The title and plates were given to the person designated by the owner’s will. YOU GUYS are just scams artists! The world will know! I wonder how AARP feels about you damaging their brand; I’’ ask them.

Furthermore, you did not answer all my questions; I need to reference the law / statue before I generate my formal complaint to the government. Please provide ASAP! THANKS!

If there is no law (please advise), then it’s just your policy, then you need to find an executive that can make a policy exception.

THANK YOU for your time and prompt attention in this matter.
Ruth L. Lawrence
Executor of the Estate of Jo Ann Talbot

Sep 16, 2017

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