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AARP Medicare Complete / Medicare insurance/medicare supplement

1 Portland, OR, United States
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Today 11/10/2016 I called AARP who has my medicare supplement wanting them to reprint proof of how much my premiums were for my food stamp worker. I am very ill with medical issues and am too sick to work and cannot work. I spent 4 hours trying to get this issue resolved. They wanted me to get on the internet and do the one button and its done type thing so they would not have tohelp me. I spent another 2 hours trying to set up a password and after 3 hours got no where doing it. The computer just sat there. I called Customer service at their 800 number and they said I had to wait another 3- days for another statement to print and Then they transferred me to Technical support and he kept saying over and over you have the wrong website when AARP Medicare Complete was all over the website and the screen. They both were rude and did not want to help me or do anything. I have had this plan for 4 years and have paid them thousands for my premiums and my meds and co pays. I do not deserve to be treated like dirt. I need this information. This technical support rep just was stupid and sounded slow. All he kept saying over and over and over was that I had the wrong website when the screen said I had to create a 51 letter password and over 3 hours kept trying to do that and the screen sat there and did absolutely nothing. He irritated me and kept acting slower and slower by his speech. The bottom line is that he did not care and it was in his speech and actions on the phone. He said that we are working on a one button and its done internet system. Life does not work this way and never will work this way ever. After 50 years of dealing with companies this is the absolute worst that any insurance or any company has treated me as a paying customer. This is a warning. Never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever sign up with AARP Medicare Complete. They have cut two of my diabetes meds for good never to return them. I won one appeal and lost the other one. They lied to me and said that Diabeta was an expensive drug and it is not. Wal Mart has it for less than $10 a month. This is a warning to never ever ever never never ever sign up for this health insurance company because when you need help it will not be there for you at all. They suck real real bad and could care less about anyone or anything especially you as a customer.

Nov 9, 2016

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