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Aarons / bad service

1 FL, United States Review updated:

Ok I wont go into a long dragged out story here's the gist..we needed a laptop so we stopped at Aarons just outside of Apopka..I had done business with them in the past and was until that day a preferred customer (they would actually call ME and ask me to rent to own from them..offering me deals if I would come in and talk with them) well, I moved and was in need of a few things, but 1st we wanted to see what kind of deal we would get on a was never gonna happen it seems from the start, the employees acted as if they didn't want us in the store...the girl behind the counter was rude and could not answer even the easiest questions..luckily I know about Aarons policies and we chose one and I asked about a printer (I should have known better) once again we were met with "I have no idea" (insert big eyed I'm stupid stare here) then she disappears into the backroom to ask the manager for the answer..a few seconds later she informs us if we want a printer we would need to go online and order one from the website..they had about 7 printers in the store..I pointed this out to her and once again I was met with that big eyed I'm a dunce stare. A few seconds later here comes the manager he pretends to fiddle with a register and some receipts then not so casually looks over at my paperwork (which the dull eyed girl has me fill out again even though I'm in the system. I even told her about the past phone calls) he then informs me we have to go to the Apopka store "they" don't deliver in our area...I then informed him "doi we're getting a laptop (to her credit she even told him that)we are taking it with us so we wont need it delivered..his answer we don't deliver to Apopka you'll have to go to our Apopka Wife grabbed the paperwork snapped "### them we'll go to RAC" then we left furious..Aarons lost alot of business with us..we are looking in the future to rent to own a washer, dryer, stove and fridge..and maybe a desktop..btw we got our laptop at Circuit City (for a little over $500) (along with our internet another $50) and have not had any problems yet..(knock on wood) matter of fact I'm using it now! Aarons can kiss my money and my rosey red *ss goodbye!

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  • Gl
      15th of Jan, 2009
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    I have rented 2 big screen tv's, a recliner, deep frezzer, 2 refrigerators, washer dryer, and a laptop, over the past years, i am a long term customer. I recently leased a used laptop, which wasnt in very good condition to begin with, but i took it anyway knowing that Aarons was a reputable company, and if something happened to it they would help. The hinge on the laptop broke, and they will not waranty it, and expect me to pay to have it fixed.The store manager said it had obviously been dropped, but i have several character witnesses atesting to how good care I take of my belongings, two of which were there when the laptop broke.

  • Xt
      2nd of Apr, 2009
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    I have purchased a laptop from my hometown Aaron's and I'am having the same problem. The hinge broke and they said it was dropped, but the hinge had broken when I had shut the lid to the computer it snapped. They are trying to tell me that I had dropped the computer and I said that it broke the way I told you. Now they expect me to pay for the repairs.. I refuse to pay for it and I have witnesses that seen what happened. They are so rude at the store. I will never buy from them again.c

  • Do
      20th of Apr, 2010
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    First of all, it is per company policy that you update your order form EVERYTIME you set up a new agreement. Second of all, it is per company policy that the customer goes to the location tht services the area you live in, whether or not the item has to be delivered. Third, you should have never been at Aaron's with your ol'cheap ###. Only broke ### people get ### at Aaron's. DO NOT GO BACK!!! Aaron's did not loose business, yall lost!! Now you have to TRY to go to other places where most likely you'll be denied because of your fukd up credit!!!

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